Totally Psyched

About Us

Each of our practitioners at Totally Psyched holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in their specialist areas and is a registered practitioner in their field. They also have extensive experience working with young people and families within the Auckland area district health board community mental health teams and bring this experience to families from all areas. They each sub-specialize in specific areas according to their interests and experience, which we match to the needs of each young person and family to ensure the very best support.

What can you expect?

The first appointment usually includes a comprehensive discussion about the concerns and your child’s earlier development leading up to them. Exactly what is asked will depend on what the presenting concerns and goals for coming are. Usually, this first appointment takes an hour to an hour and a half. If there are any safety concerns, these will be assessed and a plan developed to address them in the first appointment - please be sure to bring up any safety concerns immediately so support can be put in place.

Sometimes psychometric assessment tools, such as international standard questionnaires, are used to provide additional objective information that can be compared to other children the same age and gender from the population sample. If you agree it will be useful, information may also be collected from teachers in the form of observations, psychometrics and written forms.

When the assessment is complete, a plan for therapy will be discussed and agreed upon. This often means weekly or fortnightly appointments (or 'sessions' as they are called) for anything between 4 - 12 sessions. How long it takes generally depends on the severity and complexity of the disorder/difficulties and the motivation of your child.

We offer a warm and friendly service in a supportive environment that endeavours to provide practical and long lasting results.

Comfortable & inviting environment

We have a clinic in the heart of Takapuna, designed with the young person’s needs in mind. The clinic waiting room and reception area has a fun and vibrant retro space as well as a snug area that is relaxing and calm. Our friendly receptionist offers a warm welcome and will take care of all your scheduling and other admin needs.

The clinic consulting rooms are designed according to age and combine the same retro feel with squishy beanbags to comfy couches. Our staff is friendly, warm and completely approachable.

Our aim is to ensure you and your family feel welcome and comfortable, supported and held during the time you are with us as we together meet all your loved ones mental health needs.