About Us

Kia ora, haere mai and welcome to KidsLink!

KidsLink is an online resource for schools and their family and whanau communities. Here, you will find a range of service providers that specialise in working with children, teenagers and their families with issues that affect their learning, development and well-being.

Services offered

Access to expert local service providers for:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Physical Needs
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Childcare


  • 24/7 user-friendly website
  • Solutions & options
  • Information pages & articles
  • Interesting seminars

Do YOU need help finding the right service for your child?

You may not always know the kind of service we need but you DO know the question you want answered.

KidsLink is a 24/7 solution, connecting families and teachers with quality local experts who help with children’s learning and development. We genuinely care about children and teenagers and we understand your needs as a parent, caregiver, teacher and are here to help you find solutions.

Your search can start from the problem or issue you want a result for, even if you don’t know what you can expect the answer to be.

Trusted, local service providers

You won’t find bouncy castles or face painting here – just relevant businesses who can help with your child’s learning, growth and development. Every provider is an expert in their field and will actually help with the issue you found them under in your KidsLink search.

You will find several providers who deal with the same issue. So as a parent, you can decide on the best fit for your family. Alongside descriptions of what each business has to offer are testimonials, pictures and/or videos, which means you can gain a good understanding about that provider before visiting them or picking up the phone.

During your search, you may come across options and solutions that you had not previously considered – this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your family. Take time to read about them all!

Much more than a directory of services

KidsLink provides an opportunity for you to discover more about an issue your child is experiencing (including those that may not be so common) through up-to-date information pages, articles, newsletters and even seminars that are coming up locally. You can browse and find information relevant to you and your family.

User-friendly site – helping to expand your options

Our KidsLink site is clear, uncluttered and easy to use. There is no-one trying to sell you products and there are no pop-up adverts to detract from finding help for your child – only a range of services and a wealth of information, all in one place, for you to search through in your own time.

Using our website is a confidential way of searching for answers and considering your options, without having to ask for help publicly through avenues such as Facebook and coffee groups.

Searching is easy – you can start by clicking on the tabs labelled Learning, Behaviour, Physical Needs, Extra-Curricular or Childcare. The search box allows you to look for something specific, taking you to links that help you to further narrow your search, including finding help in your specific location.

Each service provider’s page has the same layout, allowing you to easily locate their services, testimonials, maps and contact details. All the information you require is found in the same place, avoiding the need to visit several sites online to gather information. The consistent layout through the KidsLink site also makes it easy for you to compare businesses when looking for solutions.

About us 

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Michele and Julie have been working with children for many years in Auckland, Rodney and on the North Shore, both as teachers and as private service providers. They were often approached by parents seeking outside help for their children and saw the need for a place where parents and schools could find solutions for a variety of issues.

It takes a village to raise a child. We welcome YOU to our KidsLink family.