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About Us

Swimgym is a swim school recognised by Swimming New Zealand and the NZ Swim Coaches and Teachers Association as a GOLD Quality Swim School and is an international member of the Australian Swim Schools Association and Swimming Australia. Operating since 1987, we have fully trained teaches who are continually updating their skills with regular trainings.

Our Director of Coaching Horst Miehe is a current board member of Water Safety New Zealand and is also the chair for Austswim Aotearoa. This means our programme is always on the pointy end of innovation for swimming and water safety lessons.

Swimgym links into the Olympic and World Championships with our team members Corey Main, Ewan Jackson, Daniel Hunter, Tracey Keith Matchitt, and our Paralympian Tupou Neiufi.

The Coaches that are involved in developing the Swimgym programme have received the following accolades in just the last year Jana Wilkitzki (Swimming NZ Coach of the Year), Sheldon Kemp (Junior Paralympic Coach of the Year), and Horst Miehe (Cook Islands Sports Coach of the Year).

Making your own Waves

Children will attend lessons and be rewarded with stickers to place on their certificate in each level. Assessments take place regularly to keep the children challenged and progressing in their swimming levels.  We focus on all strokes involved in swimming not only freestyle.

Water Babies - Our fun lessons are designed to give infants and toddlers confidence in the water through songs and games and the use of colourful equipment. Mum, Dad or the caregiver is in the water with them, which makes for a great bonding experience. Numerous studies have proven that lessons aid the development of co-ordination.

Socialisation skills are also developed as well as giving your child the foundation for future swimming lessons.

Pre-School - Introduce your children to swimming in a fun and safe environment, giving them the confidence and skills to be safer and independent in the water. Learning to swim also improves your child’s co-ordination and socialisation skills and fitness.

School Age - All strokes are covered – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Some water safety skills are incorporated into the programme. Class groups are small, and levels are designed to ensure that there is constant forward movement.

Mini Squads - Classes are designed to consolidate all the skills that have been taught through the school age lessons. The most important aspect of the programme is technical efficiency and developing all four strokes. Fitness is slowly developed as swimmer’s progress from a half hour to an hour lesson in Marlins level. Graduates are encouraged to continue into the HPK Swimming Club, either at the competitive squad level or the recreational level.

Holiday Programme - Swimgym offers holiday block courses in each of the school holidays from Pre-school to Mini squad level. Block courses are a great opportunity to boost a swimmer’s progress through an intensive course of lessons. Swimmers attend a lesson each day at the same time.


We create an atmosphere conductive to children gaining water confidence and skills.

We are more than able to cater for your individual needs. Just come in and chat with us. With access to 108 swimming teachers who are all qualified and have over 327 years’ experience in the industry—we have the right fit for your child.