Sensory Corner

 About Rachel Cheung

I am a registered educational psychologist and since 1995, have worked with children in a range of early childhood and school support settings, both in Auckland and London.

I have children of my own, which always helps to keep things real!

One stop shop

I established Sensory Corner in 2006. It can be difficult for parents and professionals to source good quality sensory products. At Sensory Corner, equipment is brought together in one place to make this process less daunting (and hopefully more fun and inspiring) for parents and those working with individuals with special needs.

Many of my products are supplied to hospitals (Child Development and Mental Health), schools, residential support organisations, professionals working in private practice and parents and caregivers.

Some of the products I supply are manufactured by me in New Zealand. For the past 10 years I have manufactured weighted products, such as weighted blankets, vests, shoulder weights, lap pads and hand weights.

‘Making a difference’

I have often heard parents comment on how different their children are in settings that they had previously found difficult. These stories and anecdotes, along with the growing sensory research, are the things that help keep me inspired and passionate about sensory equipment.

Sensory tools are more than just something for your child to see hear, touch, or smell.

They are tools that can be used to help reduce anxiety through sensory modulation, raise awareness about the body and meet required sensory needs.

These in turn can help improve your child’s daily functioning in targeted environmental settings.

Sensorymoves Programme

We are the supplier of the Sensorymoves Programme. This programme is a sensory package designed for those with relatively high needs.

It is great for those who experience difficulty accessing the curriculum and encourages sensory experience, engagement through equipment and music and social reciprocity in an enjoyable way.

Training in this programme is also available in the Auckland area.

Sensory Room

In 2016, our sensory room will be available for use. We are looking at running some small group work from this space, so please contact me if you wish to know more.

Purchasing equipment

Please feel free to contact me if you cannot find the equipment you require. Products from Sensory Corner can be purchased online.

I am also available for you to come by the premises in East Tamaki to purchase but please call me before you wish to drop by, to ensure that someone will be here to meet with you.

We accept the Cerebral Palsy Society - Get This and That vouchers. Should you wish to use these, please e-mail us with your order and address details.

I am always happy to discuss ways to help your child with sensory and physical/motor difficulties and to help find solutions to sensory issues.