Number Works N Words Hamilton

Making learning fun for over 30 years!

NumberWorks'nWords was established in 1984 by educational professionals in New Zealand, who are passionate about providing an essential service for students who are struggling, as well as those who need extension. All our learning centres are owned and operated by qualified teachers who share the same passion.

During our 30 years of operation, we've helped many thousands of students to catch up and get ahead.Our quality maths and English tuition is tailored to each child's individual needs using NZ curriculum based programmes. We cater for all students aged 5 to 16 years old.

At NumberWorks’nWords we make learning fun, using individualised programmes to help your child get the most out of tutoring. We believe that your child’s full cooperation will only happen when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, so games and rewards are built into our learning modules for younger children, while our programmes for older children ensure that they are mentally stimulated and never bored.


We offer a free, no obligation introductory assessment and lesson to ascertain your child’s skill level. We discuss the results with you and together we decide on the best program for your child.

To find out how our tuition works, your child will be able to try out some actual NumberWorks'nWords lessons, supported by one of our tutors. In our experience, it's usually love at first sight! At the same time, you will be able to see the centre in action.

The entire assessment and familiarisation process takes about an hour.

NumberWorks'nWords is not just for children who are struggling either! We believe that children who are excelling deserve as much attention as students who are struggling.
If our assessment and school reports show that your child has high maths or English ability, NumberWorks'nWords can help to accelerate and broaden your child’s learning. Following our careful assessment, we will design a programme that extends your child's skills and knowledge in an interesting, enjoyable way.

We work closely with you and your child to ensure that they have a personalised programme to meet their goals, as well as fitting in with National Standards and the New Zealand curriculum.

Each tutoring session will include one-on-one teaching with your child’s tutor who will explain any new concepts. We will then cement this learning using computer-based exercises, which provide games and incentives to help them take in the information.


We make sure that you, as a parent, get regular progress reports so that you know your investment is paying off. We are also very careful to protect the relationship between child and school.

We communicate with your child’s teachers, ensuring that we use the same learning strategies that the school uses, so that we don't undermine what's happening during school hours.

NumberWorks’nWords is a SUCCESS BASED program.

We want every child feeling more confident about themselves as a learner. We do this through rewarding achievements, constant feedback on progress, games and certificates. It’s amazing how quickly their results – and their attitudes – change when their learning feels like fun. Our tuition works!

To book your child’s free assessment or to find out more, please contact us or visit our website