Cushla Clark


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Cushla has a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting parents. She has worked with hundreds of parents for over 12 years as a group facilitator for a community agency, and parent counsellor in private sessions.

Cushla draws on her counselling skills, her personal parenting journey and her experience as a nurse to help parents be the parent they want to be.


When you feel challenged in the relationship with your child or children– stress, anger and other strong emotions can surface. This can be quite a shock as a parent because you only want the best for your child. It is hard to understand sometimes where the whole parenting journey took a detour into a “nightmare”. When faced with a child who presents with additional challenges, it can leave you feeling alone, overwhelmed and loosing hope.

Media attention to parenting, often accompanied with conflicting advice about being the “perfect parent”, can leave parents feeling confused and not knowing where to turn to for help.

Cushla will explore with you the realities of your parenting journey in a friendly, caring and non-judgemental atmosphere. She will work with you to develop a step by step way forward to suit your family.


Parents appreciate the creative way in which Cushla works with them, developing and tailoring sessions to meet their individual needs. She will work at a pace comfortable for you and your learning style.

Cushla works alongside you in a flexible and compassionate way and depending on the relevance to your personal circumstances, you may explore together how to:

  • Decrease reactivity so you can think clearly and set appropriate boundaries for your children
  • Manage strong feelings
  • Increase your parenting confidence and resourcefulness
  • Learn new and effective communication skills
  • Examine whether expectations and beliefs are reasonable
  • Explore the effect of intergenerational patterns on your present day parenting
  • Learn to ENJOY being a parent!

Cushla’s clients have often said that the biggest benefits of the work mean they feel closer to their children and begin to like them again.


The skills and new ways you will learn to respond to your child in the challenging situations you face as a parent are relevant for your entire parenting journey. Many have reported back that their family life is much happier and their children more co-operative. Parents have often said that they wished they had sought help earlier.

They tell her that they feel better about themselves as a parent and are able to set boundaries and stick to them.

Together, you can bring about positive change for you and your family. Cushla works in counselling rooms in quiet residential areas in Auckland and in Warkworth where your confidentiality can be assured. There is ample parking in all locations.

All progress is supported and celebrated.

If you would like to know more about how Cushla can support you on your parenting journey please call her on (021 0252 7627) for a confidential chat or email



Working with our stress as parents