Counselling Worx Waikato Ltd

About Us

The Counselling Worx team believes in the worth and potential of all human beings. We are committed to assisting people in removing barriers that impede the quality of life. We value professional diligence and lifelong learning and are committed to staying current and relevant to our clients. Our Counsellors are able to work with a wide range of issues, and can access a variety of modalities.

All of our Counsellors hold current appropriate qualifications and are members of either NZAC or NZCCA

  • Byron Seuili has worked with us for 1 year. He has a PHD in Counselling and has worked with children for 12 years
  • Donna Cooney is a former teacher, she has a BA Counselling. She has worked with children for 15+ years.
  • Nigel has a BA Counselling. He works with us and hospice where he has worked with children for 4 years.
  • Ruth Harlow has BA Counselling. She has worked with children recently.
  • Naomi has a BA Counselling. She has worked with children for 3 years.

What is involved in a typical session

During a typical session there may be play therapy, drawing therapy and metaphor story telling. This helps children express feelings and feel heard. This helps them process parts of their lives.

Physical Environment

We operate in a Bungalow in Hamilton East near the river. We have a small waiting room. The counselling rooms are carpeted and large.


Children will be welcomed in our house and spoken to. Water will be offered children and there is very little wait time. You will find our counsellors safe and trustworthy.

We make attempts to offer kindly professional connections with children and adults alike, where parents and children will find they will be listened to with empathy and warmth and not judged.

For more information check out our website or give us a call for an informal chat.