Conductive Education Early Intervention Centre

About Us

Conductive Education originated in Hungary in the 1940’s, founded by Professor Andras Peto, an experienced Neurologist. He was a pioneer in working with children with cerebral palsy, using a holistic approach to overcome difficulties connected to neurological motor disorders.

Through his professional and personal achievements, Peto was actively trying to prove that despite the damage, the nervous system still possesses the capacity to form new neural connections and this ability can be mobilised with the help of a properly guided teaching and learning process. Today this is referred to as neuroplasticity. In the 1950’s Professor Peto founded a Conductive Education Centre, which became the foundation for the later Andras Peto Institute for Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training in Budepest.

Today there are Centres for Conductive Education worldwide and additional training facilities in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Israel.

Conductive Education was established in Hamilton in 1991 by a group of families. Through fundraising and grants, a purpose-built facility was opened on the Woodstock Primary School site in 1994. Our Early Intervention service continues to provide for families from the Waikato, and often families from further regions, during week days.

Our service recognises the importance of very early intervention and support for children and families.

Our facility is staffed by qualified Conductors (specialist teachers of motor disordered children), Occupational Therapist, Early Intervention Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and Conductive Education Assistants (CEAs).

The Conductors have overall responsibility for developing and implementing the Conductive Education Programme. They work in a team with other specialist staff to ensure the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki underpins the Group programme.

Every Child Deserves to reach their Potential

Conductive Education as an intervention was established on the basis that children (and adults), being enabled through a programme of teaching, learn new skills (habilitation) or re-learn lost skills (rehabilitation) toward gaining independent movement.

Conductive Education is a motivational and repetitive programme that helps to aid and maintain movement.

For infants who demonstrate a delay in achieving developmental milestones, support is provided in the development of healthy movement habits as well as providing education and support to the family.

Assessment for feeding needs and early communication needs is provided by a Speech and Language Therapist, and equipment is assessed via an Occupational Therapist. Referrals are made as appropriate for additional intervention, additional equipment, housing modifications and seating systems.

For preschool children, there is a continued emphasis on developing physical skills alongside additional learning needs.

Based on individual needs, ability and age, a stronger emphasis is provided for communication, literacy and numeracy, and pre-writing skills.

Socialisation is an important part of development for all children, therefore families are encouraged to enable attendance for their children in community Early Childhood Education (ECE). Under our Ministry of Education Early Intervention accreditation, our Early Intervention Teacher provides support into ECE and follows up with information and support to complete a Transition to School process, including application if appropriate for ongoing funded support in Primary Education.

Access our service

Children do not require a diagnosis to access our service, and parents may self-refer. Often, infants may still be waiting to attend their initial Paediatric appointment following indication of concerns. Parent and child can benefit from our services whilst awaiting engagement from the Child Development Clinic. The Health and Disability Sectors are often difficult to navigate. We are available to assist, providing information and advice, and refer as required. Why wait? – The Earlier the Better!

Physical environment

Our purpose built modern premises is currently located on Woodstock Primary School grounds, at the corner of Anson Avenue and Fairfield Road. We have plenty of parking.


Children and families are welcomed into our colourful facility and encouraged to meet other families. Often referred to as ‘homely’, many families come to regard our centre as their own place. We welcome extended family and whānau, encouraging all family members to gain an understanding of the needs of their tamariki and how they may best support their independence and development.

When you come to Conductive Education, our place becomes your place. We welcome all enquiries about our service.