Auckland Academy of Dance

Training, Focus, Commitment & Fun is paramount

Established 35 years ago, Auckland Academy of Dance provides students with quality dance education and strong links to the professional world of the performing arts. The school works hard to create a caring and well equipped environment. Our goal is to offer the best quality learning opportunities to other youngsters, and advanced training to aspiring professionals, as well as rewarding recreational experiences to all who nurture a passion for the Performing Arts.

Some of our dancers have gone on to enjoy successful careers in dance, as performers, teachers and choreographers. Some now bring their own children here to experience the enjoyment of dance themselves.

Pre School Dance

This programme is designed to teach 3 & 4 year olds basic dance steps and to help them develop rhythm and timing using imagination and lots of fun.

Ballet (age 5+)

Ballet is a formalised style of dance to create expression through movement. At Auckland Academy of Dance, we teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi from Pre School to Solo Seal.

Contemporary (Grade 5 Ballet/Grade 4 Jazz a prerequisite)

Contemporary dance utilizes both ballet and modern movement. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are often used as well, as forms of creative dance expression.

Jazz (age 6+)

Jazz Dance is the physical embodiment of popular music of a given time.

Hip Hop (age 6+)

Hip hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music that includes a variety of urban styles.

Musical Theatre (age 12+)

This involves training in the three disciplines required for Musical Theatre – Singing, Acting & Dance, by working on current and past Broadway Musical Productions.

Acting (age 16+)

This course offers a unique entry to the world of acting and is a good stepping stone to higher-level learning and a career in the industry.

Introductory Singing (age 16+)

This is group singing for beginners, in a stress-free environment, with opportunities for solos - ideal for anyone wishing to develop their singing in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.

Stage Fight

Stage Fight incorporates armed & unarmed techniques for fight scenes for Theatre Film & TV.

Light & spacious studios

We have four large purpose built studios, three with wooden floors and the fourth with a specialised dance floor. All studios are fully equipped with mirrors and barres.

Our building also has bathrooms, a reception area and office and our own small dance supplies shop on site. There is free Wi-Fi available and the Tannery Café is only a one minute walk away.


We are situated at Unit L, First floor, 44 Portage Rd, New Lynn, Auckland. Access to our studios is around the back of the building, via McWhirter Place, with plenty of parking.

When you walk into Auckland Academy of Dance, we welcome you as an important part of our community. We hope that you feel a sense of belonging and feel secure in the knowledge that your child is being trained by an experience, talented professional.

We welcome visitors at any time - just come and see us at reception when you arrive.