Lynn Berresford - Indigo

Lynn Berresford Indigo talked about the complexities of dyslexia and other related learning difficulties, including ADHD and Autism. Her top tips are:

  1. A focus on weaknesses can result in poor self esteem, a lack of motivation, depression and stress. Therefore it is essential to focus attention on the development of: strengths, interests and superior intellectual capacities
  2. We can only change behaviour in another by changing our behaviour
  3. If what you are doing isn’t working... do something else!



Christine Thesiger - Dyslexia Made Easy

As she has dyslexia herself, Christine made the experience of dyslexia real for the attendees. Christine got us to do some quick handwriting tasks that helped us experience what it is like - this certainly generated a lot of talk among the group!

Reaching Potential and Restoring Self Esteem - Christine's top tips

  1. The ability to disorientate is the underlying cause of dyslexics problems
  2. Dyslexics think in pictures
  3. Words without pictures cause dyslexics to struggle with reading skills