Specialised holiday programmes

Specialised holiday programmes

Canstock Images/Specialised holiday programmes(copy).jpgSpecialised holiday programmes are usually intended to develop a particular skill, talent or interest, or to address a particular need of a child or young person. Significant progress can often be made in such programmes as your child has a greater opportunity to focus on the task(s) at hand for an extended period of time.

Before booking your child into a specialised programme you need to be aware of:

The duration of the programme. These vary so you will need to be sure that your chosen programme will meet your child care needs.

The intended goal. Some programmess have clear goals which your child will be expected to work towards. Some goals may require a time or cost commitment beyond the holiday programme duration.

Any restrictions which may apply

  • Specialised programmes are more likely to have restrictions regarding age, ability or other required pre-requisites. Some programmes do accept beginners or offer introductory courses designed to encourage your child to take up the new activity after the programme has ended


  • As many specialised programmes are in heavy demand, it may be advisable to book your child’s place well in advance of the school holidays.