Zero 2 Five

About Us 

Client Photos/Plane(copy)(copy).jpgAt Zero2Five we recognize having both parents working outside the home is often a necessity rather than a choice, so we aim to have our educarers and nannies care for your children in the home in much the same way you would. We offer your child a safe, nurturing and family-like environment in which they are cared for in a very small group of up to four. These small groups mean your child’s individual talents and interests are recognized and can be developed within the learning environment.

The Homebased environment is perfect for babies, who are often overwhelmed and unsettled by a busy centre environment and older children can also interact with younger children that they would not normally achieve in some centre environments.

Children are encouraged to learn independently as appropriate for their age and stage with gently guidance by the educarers in areas of practical lie, sensorial, language, maths, botany and zoology.

Client Photos/Zero2five Monograms(copy)(copy).jpgIndividual attention means children feel a sense of belonging and self-worth. Children receive a learning portfolio documenting their learning and development whilst in care and parents also have access to a web-based email portfolio of their child on all smart phones and ipad.

As a parent/Guardian, you can access 20 Free ECE hours (3 & 4 year olds), 9 Free WINZ hours (conditions apply) and we offer the best rates in town. Because we are partially funded by the Ministry of Education, we can offer you our high-quality child care service at extremely economical rates.

Zero2Five is a member of the NZ Homebased Early Childhood Education Association and are subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office.

Call us on (0800 2255 025) to find out more about our service and our team of professionals who are dedicated to caring for and educating preschoolers in a warm and homelike environment will be more than happy to help you out.