About Us

Since 1932, we have been empowering young New Zealanders to be the best they can be, and we have evolved into one of New Zealand’s leading youth development organisations. We deliver programmes, that develop skills and knowledge, to as many young people as we can. We also ensure they have tonnes of fun with their peers!

Our staff are carefully screened, police vetted, regularly trained and are passionate about developing young people through active engagement. Regular training of our staff is pivotal to the consistent application of our youth development principles at every site, and our (awesome) staff are fully committed to putting this into practice.

We have MSD (Ministry of Social Development) certified OSCAR Holiday Programmes and our Outdoors Programmes are outdoors marked accredited.

The Youthtown Way

“The Youthtown Way” is based on a youth development philosophy and framework, underpinned by the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa, and incorporates a culture of ‘safety first’.

All activities are co-designed with young people to achieve specific developmental outcomes and our four values (Independence, Mastery, Generosity and Belonging) are integrated into everything we do. Results are then evaluated and internationally bench-marked to inspire continuous improvement.

Through Youthtown, young people have access to the widest range of choices of things to do. These activities span across outdoor adventures on land, water and snow to team challenges, art workshops, sports, and games.

Our culture is also one of safety, which is essential in an organisation where young people need to be able to confidently stretch their abilities to grow and develop.

We believe that the resilience and self-efficacy young people build with Youthtown will enable them to be the best they can be. This means that they will believe in their own abilities, to not only deal with various situations and make good decisions, but to put plans into action to achieve their own goals. In other words, ‘Dream it, (then learn to) Do it, with Youthtown’.

Physical environment

Our programmes are typically based in schools and club rooms across NZ, so we are as accessible to the community as possible. However, you’ll also see us all over the community, on water, land, and snow.


We’ve become a second home to many families, after school each day and holidays and the kids love it. Teens prefer to hang out with the Youthtown Coordinators and their peers than stay at home, and schools tell us how excited the classes get when Youthtown returns.

The sense of achievement that all our participants get from every experience with our Youthtown teams is the key.

The theme of customer surveys is that Youthtown is young people’s ‘happy place’. So, to find out more check out our website or contact us today!