Wellwest Osteopaths

How we can help your child

At Wellwest we support your child’s health and development by ensuring they are able to adapt and grow with ease. The everyday rough and tumble of childhood can cause compensation within the body. Children with tension and tightness in the joints and muscles may develop bigger problems if these are left unresolved, such as poor posture, poor co-ordination, difficulty with sitting still in class, headaches etc.

At the first appointment, we will talk through the general health of your child, including any relevant health history, as well as discussing the current problem. After gentle examination, looking at how your child moves, we will discuss what we think is happening in the body and the plan for resolving this. Osteopathic treatment involves gentle “hands on” touch to treat the muscles, joints and the nervous system, using massage and gentle movement to reduce pain and tension and restore normal function. A body that can move freely can function well; for children this means healthy growth and development.

Parents are present through the treatment, and the osteopath will provide explanations that both the parent and child can understand. Consent from the parent and child is always obtained during treatment. Children do not usually need to remove clothing in treatment so long as they are wearing clothing they can move freely in.

About Us

We provide specialised safe, gentle and effective osteopathic care for children of all ages and their families. We can open ACC claims and referrals can be made for x-rays or to other health providers when needed.

The Wellwest clinic opened in 2007, and provides general osteopathic care, acupuncture, rehab training for posture or injury recovery for people of all ages, by a team of nine practitioners.

With a growing number of parents seeking osteopathic care for their babies and children the Wellbaby clinic came into development 5 years ago (2011), to provide specialist paediatric care.

Felice and Nick Karuna are the clinic principles and work closely with the other osteopaths in the team to ensure suitable knowledge and care is provided for children. Only practitioners with specialist paediatric knowledge treat the babies and children under age 5.

Felice has been working with children as an osteopath for the past 3 years, however her interest in children’s health and development began much earlier, even before the birth of her first child 18 years ago. As a mother of 3, her experience and knowledge of children enables her to provide optimal care and advice. Nick’s special interest and knowledge in exercise rehab and acupuncture provides a great complement to the complete care of the family.

Our five years of training gives us a strong background in anatomy, physiology and health sciences, and our learning continues as we study each year to stay up to date with current knowledge and ideas. All our osteopaths are ACC providers and hold a Masters of Osteopathy degree.

Our Clinic 

Our clinic is very welcoming and family friendly. We treat children and their parents with care and respect. With 45mins for initial consultations we have time to listen to what you need to tell us, building a trusting relationship with parents and children. Toys and books are available for playing with during treatment or for accompanying siblings.

Our clinic is very accessible, with flexible hours and onsite parking.

“We are happy to answer any questions, please call us on (09 838 0631) or visit our website if you would like further information www.wellwest.co.nz