Wee Wisdom Montessori Schools

About Us

Wee Wisdom Montessori Schools are privately owned and owner operated by Anna Chan (nee Stowell) and her husband Colin. Anna was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and as a young adult travelled the world extensively working in the field of alternative therapies. Anna was first exposed to the Montessori Method when she collected her second cousin from a Montessori preschool in Christchurch. Inspired by the Method, Anna trained as a Montessori teacher and worked and trained in two Montessori schools in Auckland.

In 1998 Anna met Colin and with a combined vision of making Montessori education available to a variety of families, they opened their first school on the North Shore of Auckland in 2002. Since the opening of their first school Anna and Colin set up three more Montessori schools in Otahuhu, Weymouth and Drury as well as a school in Paeroa. Together they plan to continue advocating for the child’s right for quality early education by making Montessori education more accessible.

In 2009, Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool Drury was awarded the title of ‘Kiwi Print’s Best Small Business’ in Papakura and Franklin through the Stevenson Business Excellence Programme. To achieve this award Wee Wisdom Montessori had to submit a document which detailed its business. This included an overall view of leadership, strategic planning, administration, communication with parents and staff, and how systems and processes work to ensure quality.

The Stevenson Business Excellence Programme no longer runs since the amalgamation of all Auckland suburbs into the super city. Wee Wisdom Montessori continually strives to improve through ongoing self-review and feedback from its families.

Our philosophy

The Montessori curriculum teaches each child practical life skills, sensory skills, language, mathematics and culture – Geography, History, and the various Sciences, Art and Music.

Wee Wisdom Montessori strives to provide a quality Montessori environment that works in unison with Te Whaariki, New Zealand’s own Early Childhood Education Curriculum.

Through providing this quality each school maintains;

  • a clean, well resourced, child friendly environment
  • a high ratio of Montessori trained teachers to children
  • relationships with parents that empowers them to be part of their child’s learning
  • a nurturing and caring environment where children make friends, have fun and love to learn


Our safe & friendly environment

Every centre has two classrooms, which are divided into 0-3 year olds and 3-6 year olds following the tuakana teina learning environment where the younger children learn from the older children and the older children teach the younger children.

The learning environment is prepared especially for this and the beautiful materials are set up in five areas – practical life, sensorial, maths, language and culture.

Outside the play areas include lots of gardening, natural areas, water play and in some centres animals.


We have open and positive parent communication policy. We are always open for feedback whether it relates to our service, environment or policies.

Families are free to talk to our friendly staff in the office or can contact us via phone, email or Facebook.

We encourage parents to spend time in the centre as part of settling their child in or if they wish to offer their skills or time.

Wee Wisdom Montessori is currently expanding through offering Montessori home based childcare and playgroups as another choice for parents.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.