Visique Papakura Optometrists

Bradley Pillay Owner–Optometrist
Bachelor of Optometry, Certificate in Ocular Pharmacology

An experienced optometrist, Bradley has worked with children for many years and has several special interests within the field of optometry, including children's learning and related visual issues.

Eye examination

Your child’s eye exam will last between 45–60 minutes and will cover a range of vision and eye health checks, in addition to specific neurodevelopmental assessments (observing how the eye behaves with different tests and relating that back to the learning process).

If you have concerns about your child’s vision or learning process, please contact us for advice or to book an appointment. There may not be a sight issue but under close observation your child may present processing issues that could be reflected in their learning habits.

We recommend children’s eye examinations every 1–2 years from school age.


We can design hard contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea; correcting your child’s vision while they sleep. This provides an alternative to traditional daytime contact lenses and glasses, giving your child great vision for their waking hours.

Ortho K can also halt the progression of short sightedness, especially in children and teenagers. This is known as ‘myopia control’ and is the only means of controlling myopia and has been repeatedly supported by rigorous and respected scientific research.

We have a caring and patient approach to working with children and their families. Our aim is to understand our patients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Give us a call today.