Visique Frith and Laird Optometrists

About Us

Operating since 1966, we are the longest serving optometry practice in South Auckland. Our eye exams involve assessing your child’s visual needs and performing primary eye health checks, taking approximately 45 minutes.

Your child’s examination may also include a behavioural eye examination to assess how the brain is processing visual information.

It’s more than just glasses!

Kids are fun! And their eye test should be too. With a range of child-specific testing, our practice has built a reputation for catering to your child’s eyes. We look beyond just clarity of vision and carry out an expanded area of eye testing called behavioural optometry. In addition to the standard eye testing, we go deeper into the visual processes involved with reading and learning.

Most problems with seeing close or distance objects can be corrected with spectacles. However some children may still struggle with visual tasks such as reading, despite have excellent clarity of vision.

A behavioural eye examination begins with our standard comprehensive eye testing but goes on to include investigations into the speed and accuracy of eye movements, spatial awareness and visual memory. As a result of testing, the optometrist may prescribe spectacles, offer eye exercises or advise on visual tasks and games that may assist in correcting or developing visual-cognitive function.

We work closely with school RTLBs and Learning Plus with their Cellfields assessments.

If you have a valid community services card, a subsidy is available for children up to the age of 15.


You will be greeted by our friendly staff at our clinic based in the Manurewa Medical Centre. The office is large and spacious for families and each of our testing rooms has a box of toys for children to play with. We have an area displaying a wide selection of children’s frames – our staff is experienced and on-hand to help you and your child select eyewear your child will love wearing.

We look forward to meeting you!