Virtual Reality Studio

About Us

Rob Le Grice, Jermaine Leef & Holly White are the founders & core staff at Virtual Reality Studio. Our ethos is to introduce what will create the biggest impact from technology since the internet - Virtual Reality.

Imagine a digital world where we can live in our fantasies and take a break from the real world. Virtual reality is taking our lives forward in this electronic world. With this innovative technology, it is giving a whole new meaning to learning and new age interactivity with enhanced levels of immersive experiences.

Virtual Reality Studio is deluxe arcade that offers a safe, enjoyable environment and access to virtual reality hardware and experiences. The user will be able to explore and interact with 3D computer-simulated worlds in a seemingly real or physical way.

How you help children

Children can explore virtual environments in a manner that allows them to manipulate objects, a space for creative expression, expansion of world view and entertaining experiences what would normally be difficult or impossible for them to encounter in real life. Virtual Reality Studio lets you step into fully immersive world and facilitate the greatest interactivity to maximise fun and learning to the fullest.

Experiences range from swimming under water with sea life, flying around the city like a super hero, shoot outs with alien space craft, travelling the earth at the speed of light, chef training, creating 3D art in infinite space and more. There is also great potential for artistic expression and educational use. One of the best examples is the Google Earth to experience exploration and geography.

Sessions includes a variety of timed options, and access to our all games and experiences during that time to keep children entertained and engaged.

Whilst there are no age restrictions, if they are under 5 then feel free to ring us and ask questions, each young one is different but WE DO cater to all age groups.

We also cater for birthday parties and custom events can be arranged - You bring the kids, the cake, and the goodies, we’ll provide the entertainment. Don’t forget your cameras!

Physical environment and atmosphere

Virtual Reality Studio has a safe, bright, large open plan warehouse setting. Booths are private and can be observed and monitored by parents and staff.

Our staff will go the extra mile to ensure your child is enjoying their experience, tips to navigating the virtual world and help through any possible discomfort.

Parents are welcome to watch over their child, film or photo their experience and use of the retro room.

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking, this way we can have you up and running so you can make the most of your booking!


Virtual Reality studio is based in Mt Roskill Auckland by the South Western motorway. 2a/161 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland.

Any question big or small please email or call or text the helpful Holly on (027 350 3554)