Unlocking Learning

About Amanda Smith

Bachelor of Education (Teaching), Provider of Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation, Feuerstein Instrument Enrichment Mediator Level 1 and 2.

Having a background in primary teaching, I worked for an educational psychologist for two years, tutoring and assessing students and supporting them in the classroom.

After developing an interest in Special Education and Gifted Education, I taught for Gifted Education for a year.

I have a child with a learning difficulty and seeing the success of the JIAS programme prompted me to train so that I could help other children and their families.

Sound therapy

The Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation programme involves your child listening to a personalised CD or digital download for 10-15 minutes, six nights a week, for a specified period.

There are usually three follow-up assessments as we progress and each CD or download is completed to ensure the new music meets your child’s needs. The benefits of sound therapy vary from individual to individual.

As a result of using the programme, your child may find it easier to:

  • focus and be more attentive in the classroom
  • listen to and follow instructions better and retain instructions that previously were forgotten
  • hear speech more clearly and be able to sound words accurately for reading and spelling
  • identify the more difficult sounds such as vowel sounds
  • be more organised
  • interpret peer conversations clearly
  • relax and sleep better


I create an individual learning plan (this can include the Feuerstein programme where appropriate) to improve your child’s self-management and thinking skills and to help them succeed in the areas they find challenging in the classroom. The times and lengths of the sessions are all flexible and based on your child’s needs.

I also offer holiday tuition to provide continuity of learning for your child and build confidence in preparation for the new school term. Tutoring promotes an improved attitude to learning and improved results in the classroom.

Other Support

I can review your child’s educational reports and help direct your family to meet the needs of your child. I understand the stresses of being a working parent and having a busy family life. My role is to look for answers that best fit your child and your family.


I work mainly from home but am available to work with your child at school, if this is preferred.

Our learning space is child-friendly and I enjoy using technology and games as much as possible to assist with learning. There is an adjoined area where you and any other family members are welcome to wait for your child.