Tree Adventures

Tree Adventures is an adventure wonderland waiting to be conquered. With 10 courses ranging from 3m to 15m above the ground and offering 110 unique high-wire activities, there is something for everyone.

Unleash your inner monkey on our huge range of zip lines/flying foxes, the longest of which is a 150m long ride from 15m above the forest floor.

Operating since 2004, we have facilitated countless school programmes, community groups, youth at risk, youth development, holiday programmes, birthday parties and family groups.

Safety systems

We use the ultra-safe Clic-it smart belay system which ensures a continuous connection with the safety lines. All climbers are fitted with a harness and helmet by our experienced instructors and asked to read the park safety rules.

Our staff then leads your group through a 15-20 minute safety demonstration, which includes an opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the equipment on our practice course.

From this point on, you continue unguided but there are Tree Adventures instructors stationed throughout the forest should you need any assistance or have any questions.

Monkey around with family & friends

Our unique range of high-wire activities and challenges are specifically designed to develop balance, build confidence and instill a sense of self achievement.

We assist people of all ages with overcoming perceived limitations, fears and doubts surrounding heights. With access to the high-wire activities, you and your family can explore the forest safely and at your own pace.

On average, a course takes between 20-30 minutes to complete. The length of your climb depends on which adventure option you select. On average, each adventure option takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete.

We really do have something for everyone - for beginners looking to build their confidence on low levels, to confident climbers looking for an exciting, action-packed adventure in the tree-tops, to experienced daredevils wanting to conquer our most popular challenges at dizzying heights.

Enjoy the beauty of the Woodhill Forest

Tree Adventures is set amongst mature pine forest. The high-wire activities create aerial pathways, providing you with a birds-eye perspective of the surrounding natural environment.

The Woodhill Forest is a calm, tranquil setting and we encourage our guests to enjoy the peace and birdsong from one of our picnic areas after conquering the high-wire activities.

Come and join us!

Our reception area is a well-established, covered space where guests check-in and meet our team of instructors. Tree Adventures prides itself on providing customer service of the highest standard. Our instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, creating a welcoming and reassuring environment for all guests. We understand the importance of tailoring our communication to effectively engage with our younger customers.

A day at Tree Adventures is a guaranteed great day spent outdoors and a unique and exciting way to explore and enjoy the forest. Give us a call on (0800 827 926) or book online.