Tongue Twisters

About us

Tongue Twisters is owned and operated by Melva Ritchie a Speech-Language Therapist who completed her studies with honours at the The University of Canterbury in 1999.

Since then she has worked in special education with many children and their families, including preschool and school aged children with a range of communication difficulties, developmental delays, and disorders.

Melva set up Tongue Twisters in Waikato in 2016 to support the many families who are waiting for, or cannot access public Speech-Language Therapy services.

The ability to communicate is vital for all areas of life!

We must communicate to socialise, learn, understand, and express ourselves in the community. Speech-Language Therapy may help your child achieve a greater ability to use clear, fluent speech, use and understand language, express themselves, and learn.

Firstly, we discuss your concerns and your child’s background history. Using both formal and informal assessment we can find out what is impacting your child’s communication. Therapy is based on the results of assessment, and communication and learning goals set together. Using play in therapy sessions to keep children engaged we will help you and your child find ways to improve your communication together with what you have in your home. Whilst we bring assessments and therapy resources we will also use resources from the natural environment such as school reading books or favourite toys.

The frequency of sessions will be recommended based on age, need and severity of your child’s difficulties, taking into consideration your family needs. We can set blocks of therapy, for example, we might go for 6 weeks then take a break, and/or move to fortnightly sessions. We’ll work together on what timing best suits you.

Physical environment

Tuesday-Friday are for home visits or at your child’s education facility (if preferred). We can travel to you outside of Hamilton if that is easiest for you (this incurs a travel fee). Some afterschool appointments are available.

A clinic in run on Saturdays at Little London Medical Clinic in Hamilton, where there is plenty of free parking. This allows busy parents and/or school aged children an easier option to participate.


We love to see children’s skills develop and their proud smiles as they identify their own development... especially if those children are usually quiet, reserved, or frequently told off. We want children to enjoy their time with us!

You are welcome to phone or e-mail to discuss your concerns and what you want for your child.  We are also on Facebook and regularly have fun giveaways!