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Michele Yock & Julie Whitcombe - Directors

At Thinking Caps for Kids our goal is to create a real love for learning - even if the going is a little tough.

With a passionate and experienced team dedicated to helping your child overcome challenges in maths, literacy and senior high school exams, we achieve real and meaningful results - both academically and in children's confidence.

Years 3-8: developing a love of Maths

Client Photos/IMG_0049-Edit(copy).jpgOur tutors are experienced, primary-trained teachers who follow the New Zealand Maths Curriculum; building your child’s number knowledge and basic facts recall, as well as developing efficient strategies to solve Maths problems.

Your child is tutored in a small group, which allows for individual attention along with the opportunity to discuss their thinking with others, as they do in class.

Grouped according to their Numeracy Stage, your child will improve their number knowledge and strategy thinking and have fun along the way with hands-on activities.

Years 7-8: consolidating classroom learning

Your Year 7 or 8 child is encouraged to bring along each week any Maths homework or questions they are having difficulty with in class so that we can tailor the lessons to your child’s specific needs and support them with their classroom learning, including revision for tests.

Knowing times tables off by heart is often an area of need and these can be worked on alongside your child’s chosen Maths focus.

Years 9-13: preparing for exams

Client Photos/IMG_0009-Edit(copy).jpg‘Study Buddy’ sessions involve older students (including university students) working one-on-one with younger students (Years 9-13) on exam preparation or a particular subject area.

These mature young adults have the ability to tutor your child as they have "been there, done that," knowing exactly what subject content needs to be covered & understood and how to help your child achieve.

Patient and able to build a good rapport, they are happy to work through school text books, old exam papers or previous exams sat by your child and target the gaps in their learning.

This service has proven to be very successful and is in hot demand.

Spelling / Reading / Writing for all Year Groups

Over our time helping children with their Maths, Thinking Caps has been approached by parents for Reading and Writing help.

We now have skilled tutors helping children in these areas too.

Purpose-built premises

kids-link-8-of-83-thinking-capsAfter school lessons are held in our centre at 6 David Sidwell Place, Stanmore Bay (off Karepiro Dr).

We have spaces for Years 3-13 after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4-5pm and 5-6pm.

If you are ready to give your child a real boost in confidence, give us a call on (09 424 3536) or pop in and see us.