The Kids Coach

About Jennifer

Jennifer Pollard (aka The Kids Coach) is an energetic and dedicated coach and the mother of two beautifully boisterous boys. Her unique, engaging and fun approach has established her reputation as an authority in her field and sought-after coach, speaker and author.

Forever self-educating and adding to her knowledge base, Jennifer has complimented her degrees in Psychology and Management with certification as a YB12 Coach, a Laughter Yoga Instructor and has undertaken intensive training as a Lifeline Telephone Counsellor. Jennifer has been working with children in various capacities for over 10 years and has been in private practice as a coach since 2012.

She also writes a popular Kiwi Families column called ‘Ask The Kids Coach’ and is regularly interviewed about issues concerning children’s social, emotional and psychological well being by the television and print media.

As a parent, wife and business owner she has a compassionate understanding of the challenges and demands facing modern families, and combines this practical experience with her knowledge from the fields of psychology, counselling and performance coaching to help children and families develop practical strategies and solutions that enable real change to occur over time.

Friendly, engaging and empowering programmes

My fun, interactive programmes utilise the most effective techniques from Positive Psychology, Performance Coaching and Play Therapy to teach your child important life skills in age appropriate ways they can understand, remember and use.

I can help your child with the following:

    • optimism and resilience
    • emotion management (anger management and frustration tolerance)
    • stress management and relaxation
    • anxiety and worry
    • social skills and assertiveness training
    • motivation and persistence
    • confidence and self-esteem
    • focus and attention

As The Kids Coach, my focus is on helping your child develop the internal resources that underpin success and well-being now and into the future. To develop these resources, I work directly with your child (either privately or in small groups) and teach them how to focus on and take responsibility for what they can control, namely their thoughts, words and actions.

I recognise that each child, parent and family is unique and I am dedicated to helping you find solutions that work for you and your family. I support you and your child’s teacher by showing you how to help your child develop their social, emotional and psychological strengths.



Learning to be proactive

Through coaching, I teach kids how to align their thoughts, words and actions with what they want to achieve rather than reacting to the situations that arise in their lives.

Remembering skills through fun

Making coaching FUN and delivering the material in ways that make intuitive sense to children means the underlying concepts get remembered!

Laying foundations for long-term success and well-being

All of my Inspired Kids Programs are developed based on understandings from Neuroscience and Psychology. These disciplines teach us that childhood is the optimum time to learn essential life skills that will set us up for long term success and, just as importantly, wellbeing.

During childhood, we are really laying the foundations for what will become our automatic and dominant thoughts, behaviors and patterns. What we lay down, of course, can either help us or hinder us, and have a massive impact on what we experience, as well as, the outcomes in our lives.

Flexible location

I offer sessions from various locations throughout Auckland including school, community and private settings. For each session or class, the room will be furnished with a variety of props for the children to use, depending on the topic we are covering – these may include puppets, books, video clips, toys, play dough, balls, games and activities.

If you have a wonderful kid whose strengths and great qualities are being overshadowed by their challenges, then it's time to get in touch and see how I can support your child and family!

Click the below images to see Jennifer talk about "Children and TV"  "Self-Control" in her interview with Paul Henry!