The Grief Centre

The Grief Centre is a Charitable Trust which has been supporting children and their families since 2009.

Understanding Loss

Loss events of all kinds can affect children, young people, adults, and families.

These losses can include the death of someone close, changes in the family structure such as occurs with separation and divorce, the death of a pet, moving house, friendship breakups, changing schools, or having a close friend change schools etc.

Safe and Supportive Environment

We provide children, youth, adults, and families with a safe environment to express their feelings and be supported. The counsellor can also assist parents in finding the best ways in which to support their child or young person.

Our clinical team are bound by a Code of Ethics including confidentiality (except when an individual is in danger). All our clinicians receive professional supervision to ensure their safe and best practise.

Warm and friendly staff will greet you, committed to providing your child and family with the support they need.

What You Can Expect

When talking with your child or young person the counsellors will:

  • Honour confidentiality to allow your child to speak openly and to establish a trusting relationship. With the permission of your child, the counsellor may invite you into the session or share with you about the session(s)
  • Listen carefully and sensitively
  • Be non- judgemental
  • Listen to your child’s point of view and not blame them for any problems they may be encountering
  • Help your child explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Support them in any changes they decide to make
  • Help your child improve how they feel about themselves or a situation, and how to think about things in new ways
  • Help them to improve their relationships both with themselves and with others

We also have a number of resources including books and pamphlets available to families.

Our Locations

The Grief Centre offers face-to-face counselling in the following locations; Orewa, Birkenhead, Remuera, Newmarket, Pakauranga, Henderson, Manukau, and Whangarei. Phone or Skype counselling can also be provided nationally.

Our rooms are child-friendly, warm, and private. Some of the rooms include toys and a sand-tray to help children communicate and process their feelings.