ICONZ – The Boys’ Brigade in NZ Inc

About Us

Boys’ Brigade (BB) commenced in Scotland in 1883 by William Alexander Smith, who decided boys who were in his Sunday School class were unruly and needed some additional discipline. This evolved into a whole of life programme which has significantly impacted the lives of millions of boys around the world for over 100 years. BB came to New Zealand in 1886 and has produced men who have gone on to become Prime Minister and Governor General. In 2003 BB rebranded and launched a completely new and contemporary programme called ICONZ. ICONZ has grown significantly since its introduction and can be found in 65 locations around NZ.

Both BB and ICONZ are run by teams of volunteer leaders, normally from local churches, who are committed to see boys develop both practical skills and values that prepare them for life.

The role of staff at BBNZ is to provide training, resources and support for our volunteers, providing significant experience working with children and young adults.
Our vision is to have every boy in New Zealand take part in our life development programme.

How we can help your child

The purpose of ICONZ & BB is to provide weekly programmes for boys with action/adventure, challenge, managed risk, skill training, and development of values derived from a foundation of Christian faith.

A typical programme will involve team games and challenges, sport of different kinds, badges recognising skills such as bush craft and carpentry, team talk/devotions, involvement in community service activities, visits to public service providers such as Search & Rescue, Police, Fire Service. Each Unit has its own flavour based on the skill set of the volunteer leaders.

They will also participate in regional events such as Sandwarz (Team competitions in the mud) and weekend camps.

ICONZ Edge forms part of the Education Outside the Classroom at a primary or intermediate school, where disadvantaged or “at risk” boys are chosen by the school to participate in the programme in order to assist them with their social development and learning.

Our physical environment

BB & ICONZ is primarily run at the premises of a local church, school or community hall. Parents are encouraged to stay and see what their boys are involved in and to meet leaders. All leaders are police vetted prior to registration, and have policies in place to comply with Health & Safety and Child Protection legislation.


The location of the nearest ICONZ Unit or BB Company can be found on an interactive map on our website. (www.bb.org.nz). All boys in the community are welcome and should be signed in and out by the parent or caregiver. Parents are encouraged to stay and be involved, helping out with games and activities.

Boys are placed in teams enabling friendships to be made easily and crowd breaker games enable boys to integrate quickly.

If you would like any more information in regards to our programmes discuss this with the coordinator of the local Unit or contact BBNZ National Resource Centre on (09 448 1157)