Ten Feet Tall

About Us

shutterstock_324288122Ten Feet Tall's Sarah Hartley is passionate about equipping children with the confidence to perform.

Why? Simply, because it plays a critical role in achievement, not only at school but in future careers and personal lives.

Sarah is a highly knowledgeable performance coach with over 15 years experience in the education sector and corporate arena.

She has worked in Japan as an ESOL teacher and has taught both English and Drama in secondary schools. Now, she coaches children to develop their speaking confidence. Sarah is a warm, creative and relatable mentor with a goal focused approach that gains tangible results.

Develop your child’s confidence and communication skills

At Ten Feet Tall your child will learn how to:

  • speak clearly and project an authentic voice
  • develop strong public speaking skills
  • communicate through mime, improvisation, recital, prepared and impromptu talks
  • overcome nerves or stage fright
  • perform under pressure both individually and as a team
  • develop creative and critical thinking
  • appreciate literature and interpret it for performance
  • develop speaking confidence for English second language speakers

To ensure high quality personalised teaching, after school class size is kept small. Sessions are fast paced, practical, energetic, fun and focused fully on your child's development. Children will also have the opportunity to rehearse and perform every term.

Speech and Drama Classes


Ten Feet Tall's speech and drama classes are held after school, during term time. View our timetable here. During the school holidays, Ten Feet Tall offers fun filled holiday programmes. Always action packed, our holiday programmes are a great way for children to try drama, or keep doing what they love over the holidays.


Our afterschool classes and holiday programmes are held at Greenhithe Playcentre, 15A Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe, Auckland. Car parking is readily available and during class, parents can relax in the foyer and make themselves a hot drink whilst siblings enjoy the play area.

Holiday Programme Fun

Contact Sarah at sarah@tenfeettall.co.nz or visit our website for more infomation www.tenfeettall.co.nz