Te Atatu Chiropractic

About Us


Aziz Askin & Rob Stewart

After suffering from sciatica for years, Rob had a chiropractic adjustment which resulted in no pain even after one week. So intrigued, he left the police force and moved to the United States to train with the Sherman College in South Caroline.

In 1997, he returned to New Zealand where he opened a practice in Ponsonby then relocated 12 years later to Te Atatu Peninsula which is where he is based now.

Aziz trained at the New Zealand School then went to Christchurch to work. He returned at the beginning of this year to join Rob in the practice.

Both are passionate about the benefits of chiropractic not only because of their training but also because of their personal experience and feedback of gratitude expressed by relieved patients and parents of whom they have had the pleasure of assisting.

Chiropractic for children

A thorough spinal and musculoskeletal examination is followed by safe, effective and gentle spinal adjustments where needed, extremity adjustments i.e. wrists, elbows ankles and knees. These adjustments are specifically designed for children depending on their age, size and physical structure.

Working with babies is especially amazing as they respond so well to treatment including babies with colic, reflux, sleeping disorders, flat head, to name a few. Having your child checked regularly, particularly during growing stages, will help their bodies develop to their best. Decreased occurrences of cold and flu, being happier and healthier, less spinal degeneration problems as an adult, stimulating brain activity and development, and an increase in emotional balance and feeling of general wellbeing can be noticed.

About our practice

We provide a welcoming and relaxed practice where patients feel comfortable the moment they step into our clinic. There is plenty of on-road parking available.

We believe it is important that we communicate not just with the parent but also the child as a unit. We communicate right from the start to run past everything with the family so that everyone is fully informed and happy.

Chiropractic allows individuals to live a healthier life by clearing interferences in one's nervous system and allows the immune system to function properly. We believe it is paramount to have your babies and child’s spine checked and maintained regularly. This will create a happy, healthy young adult.