Straight A’s Education Centre

Sally Clarke (Director)
B Ed, Adv Dip Tchg, Dip Ed Mgmt, Irlen Screener

Set up by an experienced educationalist, Straight A’s is a tuition centre that works alongside schools and supports children’s learning within the New Zealand curriculum.

As a result, Straight A’s is able to provide individualised programmes that will complement, consolidate and extend your child’s ongoing academic development.

Using the national standard process, we build into your child’s programme the skills needed to reach their next set of learning goals. Our programmes and resources are constantly being updated to accommodate your child’s needs and the changing curriculum.

Our tutors are qualified teachers or completing relevant university qualifications and are fully committed to helping your child achieve success. We have a maximum 1:4 tutor/student ratio. Making learning fun through a balance of computer and written work, we offer incentives and rewards to encourage learning and success.


Confidence, self-belief and a solid knowledge base are all important components in ensuring success. Whether it is learning basic facts at a junior level or algebraic equations at a senior level, Straight A’s is able to make a difference. Our programmes and resources cater for those students that find mathematics difficult, through to the students who are gifted in this area.

Years 1-8

A weekly learning plan is written up to support your child’s specific needs and their current learning in the classroom.

We are happy to contact and work alongside your child’s class teacher to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals.

Your child is welcome to bring along any homework from school to work on.

Straight A’s also gives homework for all students up to and including Year 8, to consolidate the learning done at the centre. However, there is flexibility with our homework policy as we know that from time to time, your child has other commitments and is unable to complete their homework.

Your child is reassessed every six months and a written report is sent to you.


Success in literacy means being effective oral, written and visual communicators. At Straight A’s, we help ensure our students achieve success in literacy.

Years 1-8

We teach skills such as reading and listening comprehension, oral reading, word attack strategies, story writing, genre writing, speech writing, punctuation, proof-reading/editing and spelling rules.

Years 9-13

We help older students with skills such as comprehension of unfamiliar texts, essay writing, summarising, grammar, spelling, oral presentations, research and media/dramatic presentations.

The Sciences 

At Straight A’s, we have tutors specialising in General Science, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Our centre is professional and well laid-out, with individualised spaces conducive to learning. We have an open door policy and have created an atmosphere that is positive and relaxed.

Whether it is regular lessons you are looking for or a short series of lessons to prepare for exams, your child can start with us any time! Please contact us or call in to our learning centre on (09 528 9207 or 0800 024 362 ) to find out more.