South Auckland Ears

About Us

We began our clinic at the requests of doctors and nurses in the area and for 2 and a half years, South Auckland Ears has been operating as a small but high-tech clinic, on the Great South Road in Takanini.

Working with a dual role of practice nurse and ear nurse, I enjoy the pleasure of seeing people and children come in with blocked ears or ear pain, and being able to make immediate beneficial changes.

Our hospital grade set up allows us to take care of patients at the highest level and we regularly see children of all ages, and also adults and seniors.

How Is It Done?

Using a high powered microscope, micro suction is performed on both ears safely and gently, providing a hospital grade clean. This is followed by an examination to ensure the ear canals and ear drums are in good condition.

Children are given special care to ensure that they feel confident and well cared for. It is extremely important to us to establish trust and provide an encouraging environment for them.

Open Plan Premises

We work in an open plan building along the lines of a medical centre like many Doctors practices, with reception and a waiting room.

Our open plan premises are warm and inviting. We have plenty of parking available and due to being less than two minutes down the Great South Road from the Takanini off ramp off the motorway; we are very easy to find too.

Come and see us if you feel we are right for you!