About Us

SMINKS LABS was founded by Peter and wife Lynda, parents of 2 daughters.

With over 20 years industry experience in Tech Sector including Compuspec, NAVMAN, IBEX, Abilities Tech Division, and Autogrow Systems, Peter currently serves as the Director of Manufacturing for Coherent Solutions (complex photonics equipment manufacturer for infinite bandwidth telecoms).

SMINKS LABS all began when they started searching for entry level electronic kits for their daughters to get hands on with learning to code.

Frustrated by lack of programmes with real life practical engineering context, they created their own programmes based on the engineering experience they had.

In an era of technological advancement, there is a growing need for people not only to know how to use computers and electronic devices, but also to understand how they work in order to find innovative ways to resolve our everyday problems. Understanding coding for computers or machines becomes necessary like reading and writing, and schools are already including this in their curriculum around the world.

All SMINKS LABS tutors are police vetted and trained to supervise your child.

The SMINKS LABS Difference

We do things differently here. A good attitude is more important than the technical skills your child can gain from doing our programmes. SMINKS LABS vision is to contribute to changing the world massively through encouraging the use of technology in the most humanly way possible.

SMINKS LABS learning sessions are guided by strong values and a belief that something is only worth doing if it serves the purpose of making us better people.

Helping kids in keeping it real with physical things they can touch, see, feel, hear or smell. They will learn how having the right attitude and collaboration can help overcome obstacles.

We have been sharing our passion in inspiring kids how to use the right attitude in engineering to solve everyday challenges through libraries and school programmes. We aim to develop children with valuable skills for the future. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Think it! Build it! Change the world!

Using industrial strength robotic kits that enable kids to assemble their own robots and then learn how to code using Scratch 2.0 programming tool.

There are a number of robotic kits to cater for beginners to advanced learners. They are all fully configurable and kids learn how their programs can interact with electronic sensors or mechanics of the robots.

We call our Makerspace the SMINKS TOAST Labs. It is a REAL Lab with REAL Tools and REAL Equipment. We have robotic kits, 3D printers, Laser etching/cutting robot. Using real tools like screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, spanas and real equipment like digital multimeters, soldering irons.

The robotics kits we use are also available to purchase from SMINKS LABS and carries an extended warranty from the standard 90 days manufacturer’s to 12 months. Our robotics kits are already in use by over 50 schools and libraries across NZ. We also supply a huge range of sensors and modules which can be used with our robotics, possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

“A” is for Attitude

All participants have high standards of mannerism and courtesy to everyone they work with.

Respect for tutors, respect for other members, respect for tools and respect for themselves. Just good old fashion values that our parents and grandparents taught us. Teamwork is always encouraged, no one gets left out. Everyone contributes something to the project and share the challenge, the fun process, the joy of achievement.

Coding and mechatronics is not just for boys! We have lots of girls getting into this and having great fun!

Parents and care givers are welcomed to stay and observe the class in session, but we respectfully ask that you allow the tutors to do their job and not distract their attention to the class.

Interested in what SMINKS LABS has to offer? Check out our website for more details or give us a call on 0800 SMINKS (764 657)