sKids KingsWay & Sunnynook

About Us

At sKids we are all about Growing Awesome Kiwi Kids! Einstein said, “Play is the greatest form of research.” Children learn so many things through play.

That's why we work hard to have activities and games that children love so much they don't even know they are learning! We'll feed them a freshly prepared healthy afternoon tea, help them with their homework, let them play and then do fun activities with them so you can rest assured that your child is safe, secure and having the time of their life.

We have a team of passionate individuals who are Police Vetted and have ongoing training in Behavioural Guidance, Health & Safety and First Aid. Our team pay close attention to your child to learn more about them. This allows us to know them and know how we can effectively encourage and support them. Many children list sKids team members among their closest friends. We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, at sKids we are part of your village.

We are registered with Ministry of Primary Industries and follow extensive guidelines for food preparation and storage and have an approved Food Control Plan.

How you help children

Everything we do is motivated by the belief that each child is unique. At sKids we help them discover more about the amazing world we live in and the people in it, including themselves!

Sometimes children work as team to accomplish tasks. This builds a collaborative style of play that is inclusive yet allows for natural leadership to be developed as well as offering each child an opportunity to shine.

Children learn about different cultures and communication skills. They learn about physics, technology and make some amazing meals and great art work all while having fun!

Physical environment

Children are not only allowed to be kids they are encouraged to be! Operating from a school campus means we have access to school halls, playgrounds, fields and courts. We also provide a rotating cache of board games, toys, and our sKids library where there are always at least 60 books for kids to choose from.


Kids feel welcomed and wanted from the time they enter. It can be scary going into a new environment and the team at sKids understand this.

That’s why we personally welcome each parent and child. New children are introduced to new friends. We often have children who were reluctant in the morning not wanting to leave in the afternoon! Our team genuinely want to be there. They believe in what we do and are passionate about Growing Awesome Kiwi Kids!

At sKids we are MSD approved which means that OSCAR subsidies through WINZ are available. For more information check out our website or give us a call today!