sKids Hamilton East Primary

About Us

The safety and welfare of your child is essential when looking for great before school and after school care. That’s why we have a team of passionate individuals who are Police Vetted and have ongoing training in Behavioural Guidance, Health & Safety and First Aid. Our team pay close attention to your child to learn more about them. This allows us to know them and know how we can effectively encourage and support them.

MSD OSCAR Approved allowing parents to access the Work & Income OSCAR Subsidy for up to 20 hours per week for After School and Before School Programmes, and up to 50 hours a week for Holiday Programmes.

The sKids Way

We want all kids to feel AWESOME about who they are, so our programmes have been designed to grow core capabilities in kids, so they flourish in life.

The right start to a child’s day is essential for great learning, sKids can care for children at their sKids centre before school begins for the day. Breakfast is available for those who have not eaten at home and then games and activities are organised before being dismissed to class.

After school care is just as important. We’ll provide a nutritious afternoon tea, supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time.

Our holiday programmes are, safe, loads of fun and jam packed with a variety of activities. One day might include going to the movies, the next day your child could be making huts, castles and forts. We like to venture outdoors with special outings (weather dependant of course!), such as visiting the SPCA or going to the local museum. Some days we focus on sports activities, other days we might try a cooking class and the kids love anything to do with music, dance, karaoke, rapping.

Everything we do is motivated by the belief that each child is unique. At sKids we help them discover more about the amazing world we live in and the people in it, including themselves!

Physical environment

Operating from a school campus means we have access to school halls, playgrounds, fields and courts in the familiar and safe surrounding of the child’s school.


It can be scary going into a new environment and the team at sKids understand this. That’s why we personally welcome each parent and child. Kids feel safe and wanted from the time they enter.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please check out our website or give us a call today.