Silverdale Adventure Park

How It All Began

It was Barry Larman and Les Osbourne, the owner operators of the park, dream to open a family orientated park that reminded them of ones they knew in the seaside towns of the United Kingdom.

They wanted to achieve the magic and excitement of these places that they grew up with; the amusements, roundabouts, coloured lights, smells and sounds, and most of all, the fun and family enjoyment. After much anticipation and three years in the making, Silverdale Adventure Park opened its doors on the 15th January and the numbers of people coming to see us have been outstanding.

Co-ordination and Motor Skills

IMG_4716Our activities offer a great range of learning experiences for children of all ages, where they can get a real understanding of things such as, speed, motion, co-ordination and balance and how these affect the activities they take part in and what skills are required to complete these activities.

These are all important aspects of learning and growing and all things that they can experience in the company of their parents or grandparents.

Bright and Colourful Space-Themed Environment!

Area51 - GreenOur premises are very cheerful and decorated in bright colours with a neat space theme right around the park. We have onsite parking, which is all one level, plenty of toilet facilities and our AREA 51 Eatery with a gorgeous wrap around deck that overlooks the majority of our park activities. We strive to create an atmosphere that is one to remember by those who come to enjoy a day out with their friends and family, a day full of fun and laughter where our staff ensure you receive a high calibre of service which is ultimately inviting and cheerful!

No Entry or Spectator Fees!

Here at Silverdale Adventure Park we do not charge an Entry Fee or a Spectator Fee! That’s right, it’s FREE to enter and it’s FREE to watch!! So why wouldn’t you come on down and find out what it’s all about? Or you are more than welcome to just come in and have a coffee and a bite to eat at the café!

You make the time and we’ll make the magic!