Sandcastles Early Childhood Centre

About Us

Mother-and-daughter team Carol Mills and Kylie Steffener opened Sandcastles Early Childhood Centre in January 2013.

Carol had worked for many years in the early childhood sector and Kylie was a primary school teacher. Together, they developed a plan to create their own centre in the Snells Beach community. Choosing to relocate and redecorate a bungalow, Carol’s and Kylie’s vision was to create a true ‘home away from home’ for young children – a friendly and inviting space.

‘If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything’

Sandcastles provides stimulating, age-appropriate areas for under 2s and over 2s, including a children’s kitchen and ‘building site’ for the older children. For restful moments, there is a story time space and separate sleep room.

The large outdoor area, complete with interchangeable playground, encourages children to explore and develop their physical skills. We value the importance of allowing children to wonder, dream and to just be!

Valuing relationships

At Sandcastles, we believe relationships form the platform for learning to take place. We foster this by developing reciprocal relationships with not only the children and their whanau but also the wider community.


You will find us at 56 Hamatana Road, Snell’s Beach, just behind The Warehouse. There is plenty of parking.

For further information, please phone (09 425 5771)