Rocket Kids

About Us 

Tucked away in Avondale, Rocket Kids is a converted villa with children at its heart. It is a 'boutique' early childhood service as it operates on a small and personal scale for children and families.

Our centre is owner-operated by a qualified ECE educator of many years’ experience. The primary focus at Rocket Kids is to develop children’s natural enthusiasm for learning - fostering confidence and positive self-esteem and providing a great foundation for future success.

At Rocket Kids, we believe that quality staff is the key to running a good centre and therefore all of our teaching staff are either fully qualified or in training.

Well-being & belonging

We have an open-door policy which helps to create and embrace a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our children, their parents and their whānau.

Parents and whānau are encouraged to join in and engage with their learner as this promotes a positive sense of belonging and well-being for both the child and the family. Our staff is friendly and easily approachable.

Your children are our primary concern and creating new and interesting challenges, building on their skills and developmental achievements and providing engaging and interactive learning opportunities for them is our drive.

We are passionate about our place within a bi-cultural society and take great care in working alongside our parents, whanau and community to ensure the best quality, love, guidance and safety is provided to the children in our care.

Four individualised learning areas

The Boosters room consists of two, sometimes three, teachers caring for the under two age group. This room also has its own outdoor play space complete with sandpit, cubbies and a range of equipment best suited for this age group.

The Sparklers room has two to three teachers and runs a programme for 2-3 year olds.

The Explorers room has three qualified teachers and runs an engaging programme in an area specifically designed for the 3-4 year old age group.

Our Torpedoes room is also our transition to school room and works with a smaller number of children from 4.5-5 years old.

The Sparklers, Explorers and Torpedoes share a large outdoor play area, with a jungle gym, sandpit, obstacle courses, cubbies and whare, carpentry area, water play features, musical panels around the perimeter, troughs for sensory investigation and play, art areas and a fully grown garden.

The outdoor play space which our children share is quite large and is not easily seen from the road.

Considering we are in Central Auckland, this is a huge bonus for our Rocket Kidders.


Rocket Kids’ children are also very aware of our green space and have become great guardians of our gardens and greenery. The have taken ownership and care for these spaces diligently.

They are also mindful of all our organic waste…and help our teachers as we use both composting and Bokashi methods for recycling organic matter from our centre.

The smiles and enjoyment the children share when we harvest herbs and vegetables and pick flowers from our garden are the real fruits for all their hard work.

A welcoming space

Rocket Kids is a large, turn-of-the-century villa in Avondale that has been converted into a caring learning environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

It also boasts a huge, purpose built auxiliary building on the site which houses our Explorers and Torpedoes rooms, as well as two playgrounds.

Both playgrounds have a sandpit, cubbies, gardens and equipment which is engaging and age appropriate. Rocket Kids caters for 50 children.

We have an open door policy and warmly welcome parents, whanau and visitors to our centre. You will always be greeted with a smile when you walk through our doors.