Real – coaching for parents & educators

About Us

Diane: Trained Teachers Certificate – Primary; Graduate Diploma - Early Childhood; Accredited Sports Chaplain (SCNZ)

Her background includes being a Parent, a Foster Parent, a Parenting Groups’ Coordinator & Facilitator, a Teacher, a Newspaper Columnist, a Music and Movement Facilitator, a Community Playgroup Facilitator, a Sports’ Coach, a Sports’ Chaplain and a Community Worker

How Can I Help You?

Children are empowered when parents, caregivers and educators nurture healthy relationships, effective communication and empathy. Diane offers solutions for you to develop these to enhance your family and your community of learning.

Parents & Caregivers, in large group presentations and smaller group sessions, Diane offers you guidance and solutions as you develop and embrace your own, unique family's culture of love, security, growth, healthy interactions and special moments.

Package deals are available when Parents & Caregivers come to a presentation then follow up with 3 smaller group sessions.

Educators, Diane offers you professional development as you work alongside children and their families. Presentations are tailored to the interests and needs of those in your group.

Relaxed & Comfortable Atmosphere

Larger group presentations are held at learning communities’ premises, public and private places. For the smaller group sessions, we meet where it’s most comfortable for parents & caregivers. These locations are arranged when presentations and sessions are booked.

Diane believes in creating an environment where parents, caregivers and educators feel relaxed, comfortable and listened to. She considers your interests and needs to be important as she connects with you and walks alongside you in a caring and supportive manner.