Read Auckland

At the forefront of literacy education

Jenni Wiles - Read Auckland.jpgJenni Wiles’ (director and founder of Read Auckland) journey in literacy education began when her son experienced major learning difficulties, including dyslexia. Although she was a qualified primary school teacher, her son was eight before the cause of his difficulties was identified.

Extensive professional development followed across a number of interventions and teaching techniques, all aimed at helping children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Now nearly 25 years later, Read Auckland is at the forefront of international literacy education.

We make a point of regularly attending international conferences and network with international experts to ensure that our programmes are up to date with the latest research – there is evidence to prove they work. We also train teachers and teacher aides to identify and assist students with reading, spelling and handwriting difficulties and all of our tutors are qualified remediation tutors.

Read Auckland has a reputation for achieving results where other programmes have failed.

Personalised, holistic programmes produce great results

At Read Auckland, we understand the many facets that go hand in hand with a learning disability like dyslexia and believe a holistic approach to remediation benefits both the child and the family.

They key to our success is in delivering programmes that make sense to each individual child. This requires us to understand exactly where your child’s difficulties lie through a comprehensive assessment and then target the skills needing development. We regularly reassess to ensure your child is making the desired progress.

Our multi-sensory, structured and sequential instruction covers the five scientifically based research components of reading:

  • Phoenemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading fluency and
  • Comprehension.

We also utilise a number of evidence based programmes tailored for your child’s personal need. (E.g. Cellfield™ intervention, Tomatis® listening therapy, Orton Gillingham Method, Sonday System™, Touch-type Read & Spell™). Where other issues are identified (e.g. auditory & visual processing difficulties and dyspraxia) we make recommendations for additional interventions.

Our students achieve great results. We can give your child:

  • An immediate improvement in their ability to read
  • Increased understanding and confidence
  • A “kit bag” of tools your child can use to become an independent learner.

Our goal is for your child to reach a place where we a no longer needed – we have never come across a child we could not teach to read!

A balanced approach

We recognise that you and your child may have other commitments. We believe it is important not to overload your child with additional work and expectations – improving literacy, handwriting and maths skills should not be a chore!

While we work mostly one-on-one with your child (we do see siblings together if appropriate), we recognise that you have an important role to play. We encourage parents to sit in so skills learned with us can be replicated at home.

We also offer support groups and resources for parents so you can broaden your knowledge too.

To find out more about how Read Auckland can make a difference for your child, call us on (09 529 1381)