Positively Psychology

About Us

Director of Positively Psychology, Dr Jean Annan, is a registered psychologist whose background of experience includes working with groups of school leaders, teachers, and agencies to enhance systems of support for children.

She has taught and coordinated the Massey University Educational Psychologist programme, practised as an educational psychologist and worked in schools as a teacher and school leader.

The Ministry of Education accredit Dr Jean Annan to provide professional learning and development opportunities in schools and to work with networks of schools as an Expert Partner.

Jean is committed to ongoing study, in relation to the integration of neuroscience knowledge into the everyday practice of those working with children of all ages. At times, affiliates work with Positively Psychology to enhance the delivery of services. All affiliates are registered psychologists or experienced educators.

Supporting Children

Positively Psychology aims to support children by connecting adults who interact with children on an everyday basis with the latest knowledge about the way children think, feel, and act.

Workshops for parents, teachers and leaders cover key aspects of psychology for young people including brain-based learning and teaching and narrative approaches to working with children.

Positively Psychology also works with schools and networks of schools to facilitate research projects and build connected communities.

Workshops and professional learning sessions provide opportunities for parents and teachers to consider the ways in which psychological concepts can be used to support healthy child development and effective learning environments. Organisational-level projects are facilitated in ways that foster the integration of psychological knowledge into educational systems.

Physical environment

Workshops and facilitated sessions generally take place at participants’ own facilities although alternative venues can be arranged if preferred.


All workshops and inquiry facilitation are carried out in positive, collaborative environments.

Positively Psychology brings up-to-date psychology and research information to projects and professional development opportunities while ensuring that sessions are interactive. Topics discussed are considered in relation to the everyday work and particular circumstances of participants.

To make an appointment or find out more about our services phone 021 688 533 or email office@positively.co.nz