Positively Dyslexic

Cherone Wilson Licensed Davis® Facilitator

I have been a Licensed Davis® Facilitator since 2012 and am the owner of Positively Dyslexic. Prior to my training, I worked as a Learning Assistant in schools in New Zealand and overseas for 5 years, assisting children who struggled to read, write and understand math.

Two close family members completed a Davis Programme and after learning about the positive changes these programmes had made to their learning and reading abilities, I knew that I wanted to help make a difference - and so began my own learning journey, to become a Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.

The Davis Facilitator Licensing Programme is a professional training programme. An annually renewable license insures that quality standards are maintained by the Facilitator.

Focusing on what your child can do

As a facilitator of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programmes, I provide learning solutions for learning difficulties associated with reading, writing, math, auditory processing, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD.

Many of the characteristics of these learning difficulties overlap. As no two children will have exactly the same set of symptoms, no two programmes are the same; there are various Davis programmes that target different problem areas. Your initial consultation is free of charge. We will discuss your child’s learning difficulties and assess whether a Davis programme is a suitable solution. A formal diagnosis of a learning difficulty is not necessary.

I focus on what your child with dyslexia can do – that is, think in three dimensional images. I work with children and adults, helping them to understand how the way they think (in pictures) works with their learning style. We use this natural talent to Positively Dyslexicgain new learning tools that fit their creative learning style.

When your child understands this, their self-esteem and confidence increases and they can then become enthusiastic learners.

As they gain new learning tools, they will focus on achieving success rather than struggling.

The Programme

All the Davis programmes are facilitated one-to-one, over 6 days, in a two week time frame. Generally, the hours are Monday through to Friday, 8:30am to 3.00pm. Your child will need to take this time off school. We can be flexible with the days and hours to suit you and your child.

All Davis programmes are drug free solutions. Therefore, before a program can be scheduled, you must disclose all medications that your child is currently taking and you are advised to seek medical advice before discontinuing any medication.

Support Training

On the last day of the programme, a support person (parent) will be trained to continue supporting the ongoing work at home, with the various skills and tools your child established during the programme week.

Post programme

Like any process of learning, practicing of new tools and skills is necessary to gain the maximum results. Your child will leave the programme with all of the tools, understanding and materials necessary to continue working at home to build on the positive results they have already achieved and begin implementing the programme into their everyday life at school and home.

Follow-up Sessions

Included in the programme are follow-up sessions (1 – 2 hours) where we review the Davis tools and also check the post-programme work to ensure success to the ongoing learning process. Phone and email support is also available.

My number one rule: learning should be fun!

Lessons take place in my home in Cockle Bay, Howick, in a large, sunny, bright room. By offering a professional but relaxed learning environment, trust and rapport is quickly established. During breaks, we can go outside into the garden or stay warm inside and play games.

If you have questions about learning problems or would like to discuss whether a Davis programme is the solution to your child’s learning difficulties, contact me at Positively Dyslexic on (09 532 9919) Your Initial Consultation is free. 



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