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In-home Care & early childhood education experts

Image (6) (4) Porse 3.jpgWith over 20 years’ experience in delivering quality in-home early childhood care and education.

We believe PORSE is best placed to deliver your child a safe, stimulating natural environment to support early brain development and adult-supported connections for life-long learning.

We deliver in-home childcare services and workplace training to thousands of educators, families and their children throughout New Zealand based on the belief that we are able to expand the hearts, minds and wellbeing of the nation through nurturing childcare in-home.

While the world continues to get bigger and faster, PORSE's Vision and Mission and approach to childcare is to return the early years back to children, back to the natural setting of a family home, meeting parents/educators where they are at, and working respectfully with each other for the benefit of children.

Supporting infant brain development for a lifetime of love & learning

Decades of neuroscientific findings have made it clear that the human brain does most of its wiring after birth. Millions of connections in the brain - more than we will ever have or need in adulthood – are formed in direct response to the baby’s environment. It is their experiences that guide this process.

At PORSE, we understand how to apply this most important knowledge to our interactions with the children in our care. Our model not only works to offer a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment while a child is with their educator, but supports overall wellbeing of the child and their family - the primary connection we are always seeking to enhance.

The 3 Rs of porse programmes & training

Porse Childcare 3.jpgUnderpinning all of what we do is the application of our 3 Rs – Relationship, Respect and Regulation.


How a baby is comforted, spoken to and played with underpins the hard wiring of the brain and sets the stage for interactions to come.

The relationship a PORSE educator has with your child is the centerpiece of everything we do. The relationship between you and your child, between you and the educator and between the educator and her/his support team and supervisors are also key.


Respect for children’s needs, their specific developmental stage, age and abilities, their temperament and family situation, their strengths and weaknesses, preferences and fears - this is the full spectrum of consideration.

A PORSE Educator is an educator who is supported to meet the baby on his/her terms, to see the baby for who s/he is and who does not attempt to rush or mould the baby to fit into a prescribed schedule, way of being or environment.

Porse Childcare 4.jpgRegulation

Babies needs are primarily biologically based and their ability to soothe themselves is often limited, especially at times of stress such as leaving loved ones, going to sleep and situations of novelty. Babies need help with this self-calming and self-knowing, a process generally known as regulation.

Regulation is a key element of healthy brain development and secure attachment. A baby who is calm and connected to their internal and external environment is able to learn, to enjoy and to be a part of the world in a way that supports optimal development.

The educators

Porse Childcare 5.jpgPORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd is an NZQA approved and accredited Private Training Establishment offering national qualifications in First Aid and Early Childhood Education.

The National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3) (Version 4) is a flexible 21 week distance learning programme, supported by additional study options that inspire carers, parents, and educators who have a commitment to work and learn alongside children under the age of six years. Intakes are in February and July each year.

It recognises basic knowledge, skills, and attributes required for early childhood education and care of infants, toddlers, and young children in Aotearoa/New Zealand, across all early childhood contexts.

On completion of the certificate you will be able to:

  • Begin a career as a home-based Early Childhood Educator
  • Be employed as an Early Childhood Educator
  • Pursue further study in the Early Childhood Education sector, such as a Diploma of Teaching.


If you would like to know more about what PORSE can offer you or your family,
please contact us on (09 478 0196) We welcome your enquiry.