Launching in NZ in 2005, Playball has been successfully operating internationally for 34 years, with over one million children in over 20 countries taking part each week. Playball has established itself as NZ’s leading sports program for 2-8 year olds, with nearly 8000 children participating all over New Zealand each week.

Playball is a franchised business with 20 franchises operating across the country. All our franchisees and coaches receive thorough training and are all police vetted. Many of our coaches and franchisees have been with us since the very start.

What is Playball and How Can We Help You?

Playball is all about using the vehicle of sport and movement to develop the whole child. Our program will improve your child’s physical skills, but more importantly it will help develop their confidence, self-esteem and a host of other life skills.

Each age year has their own age-appropriate program with specific material for their stage of development. For our youngest Playballers (2 and 3 year olds) the focus of the activities is development of motor skills. As the children progress through the 4 and 5 year old programs the focus starts to move away from motor skills and more intro actual sports skills.

Our program for our oldest children (6-8 year olds) is all sport based. In a typical lesson our coaches will present 6-8 activities in a positive, fun filled environment. Classes take place weekly and are 30-50 minutes depending on the children's age. Twice yearly parents receive a feedback form of their child's progress.

The Importance of Trust

Our coaches are trained in presentation methods for each age-group. In particular our younger Playballers need to feel emotionally safe before any learning can take place. It may take a few weeks for our coaches to establish a rapport with the children, but we find that the results we get from them once that relationship is established are excellent.

Our Space

Most classes take place on site at the preschool or primary school itself. We have small group sizes of no more than 8 for our preschoolers and no more than 10 for our primary school children. We don't need a huge amount of space and can send more than one coach to run multiple lessons simultaneously.

Playball is so much fun it’s the highlight of the week for many children!