OTRS Rehabilitation Services

Building Blocks for Kids

A child’s development is dependent on all sorts of factors, including genetics, personality and health. However, there are some simple indicators of developmental difficulties, which if not identified early on, can impact significantly on children’s ability to participate in everyday activities, affecting their ability to achieve important milestones. Early intervention that identifies these difficulties, can put in place strategies, programmes and environmental changes to help children reach their potential and grow in confidence and ability. This is where we can help.

The OTRS Building Blocks for Kids programme is managed by Occupational Therapists who can screen and assess your child’s abilities, providing practical strategies to support their development. Our team recognises the importance of early identification and remediation of any developmental difficulties your child may be experiencing.

Our Occupational Therapists will meet with your child and yourself (parents/caregivers) at home, school or at our office to assess motor, perceptual, emotional/behavioural and sensory abilities. We work with children of all ages, from babies through to teens.

The Assessment

The assessment is normally 1 – 2 hours. Our assessment toolkit includes simple tasks, puzzles and activities like throwing, hopping, jumping. Everything is designed to be fun and interactive, with no pressure on your child. An important part of the assessment is observing your child managing in their natural everyday environment.

Once the assessment is completed we can build on your child’s present skills and the support systems they have around them to develop a developmental plan. We then work with your child alongside the appropriate people to put Building Blocks in place, supporting them to engage with their peers and their learning environment. We can also support referrals onto relevant agencies for diagnosis and are very happy to work with other services which may be involved with you and your child. Currently we only offer Building Blocks in the Waikato, however, we can make arrangements on a case by case basis if you live elsewhere.


We provide reassurance for you as a parent or caregiver whilst making learning and easier for your child. We build on their present skill level with an individualised and flexible approach.

Did you know OTRS also offers driving assessments, independence at home assessments, rehabilitation after injury, strategies for child development and workplace wellness assessments?  Call us today if you think we can help improve your life or that of someone you know.