North Harbour Living Without Violence

North Harbour Living Without Violence has been providing children’s programmes since 1998. We contract a team of experienced, qualified counsellors and facilitators to deliver our group and individual programmes. Our counsellors and facilitators are highly trained in the dynamics of domestic violence and are very experienced in group and individual work.

Individual or group sessions

Our 10-week group programme for children and youth runs throughout the year, during school term time. Children attend once a week, for 1 ½ hours. Programmes are for ages 7-10 years and 11-13 years, with a maximum of 8 children per group.

We provide both individual and group programmes but find that groups are the most effective way of supporting and assisting children with understanding abuse and violence that may have occurred at home, at school or elsewhere. Being part of a group with other children helps children realise they are not alone and that others have had similar experiences.

Helping your child learn to cope

Your child will be taught effective, practical strategies and skills to manage difficult situations and abuse or anger.  The group programme is interactive, creative methods such as art, music, stories, role plays and other activities are used to help your child remember and use these skills.

Some of the topics included in the programme are: safety, building self-confidence, feelings & understanding anger and problem solving.

Family work

We can also offer family work for children and families who have either begun or finished at least one group or individual programme with us. Prior to beginning family work, it is essential to assess whether all family members will feel safe with family counselling and whether this counselling will be useful. Our skilled counselling team can do this.

Safe and welcoming

We provide a friendly, relaxed environment where you will be warmly welcomed and all information provided to us is kept confidential. You will find us at The Richardson Centre, Lake Road, Takapuna. Our premises include separate counselling rooms for individual sessions and a large room for children’s group programmes.

We emphasise the right of all people to live lives free from violence and abuse in all its forms. If you would like to arrange a free assessment interview to discuss how we can help your child, please contact us: (09 489 3770 ext 4) or