Montessori at Home

About Us

The Montessori method has been around for centuries. It is a proven method of learning that came about through studies of children by Maria Montessori and through her observations she was able to formulate theories of what motivates children to learn.

As a result of having 3 Montessori pre-schools, the Wee Wisdom Education Community noticed an influx and growing number of infants looking for childcare.

Because Montessori is a one on one method of learning, the Wee Wisdom Education Community saw a niche market for Montessori at Home and secured a licence to begin recruiting home-based educators with Montessori experience or willing to be trained and assisted to set up their homes to suit the philosophy. Our coordinator has more than 20 years Montessori teaching experience and is passionate about helping families and helping others to assist children with their journey on learning how to become more independent.

Welcome to At Home Childcare

Montessori at Home Childcare will offer you and your child personalised care from the ages of birth to six. We believe in nurturing the development of each child in our care in partnership with their family, whanau and community, and where better to do this than in the home environment of a Montessori home educarer. Children will learn independence, confidence, self-discipline, manners and social skills, qualities which are valued in society.

The Montessori curriculum also teaches each child practical life skills, sensory skills, language, mathematics and culture – geography, history and the various sciences, art and music.

Physical environment

Our Montessori at Home Educator’s homes are clean, safe and orderly with pre-prepared activities set up similar to a Montessori Classroom.

The children will be encouraged to use the indoor - outdoor flow, giving them freedom of choice for the activities they wish to participate in. The group are small with no more than 4 children at a time of mixed age groups which may include only 2 infants.


Each educarer has been carefully chosen for their ability to provide a quality service to your family from their home as well as attending community activities to socialize and extend learning.

They are part of a small network that supports each other and is guided by a fully qualified ECE teacher.

A Montessori at Home educator becomes like another member of your extended family. They will meet with you initially and discuss your child’s personality and by having a choice of educators you are able to find someone with similar interests to yourself that your child will relate to better.

To find out more about offering your child the best start to life with a Montessori At Home educarer in your area contact us today.