Michael Vaughan

Positive change from some timely help

michael-vaughanDo you have concerns about your child’s behaviour, self-esteem, anger, anxiety or general state of mind? It’s not uncommon. And it can cause a lot of stress to your whole family. A little help at the right time can make a big difference.

How can I help?

I’m a fully qualified, Registered Psychologist with 30+ years’ experience working with children and their families in U.K. and N.Z. But I’m very much young-at-heart - I have the ability to relate to young children and teenagers, to put them at ease and help them to tackle their issues.

A bit more about me

I’m from England, married to a Kiwi, with two boys (mad on soccer like me). So I know just how tough parenting can be!!

What happens if you bring your child to see me?

I’ll chat with you at the beginning of each session, then work individually with your child, then meet with you to discuss next steps.

How will I work with your child?

Well, much depends upon the situation and the age of your child. But, to give you some idea, here are some general guidelines:
In the first session, the most important thing is to put your child at ease - to begin to build a relationship.

Early on, I’m also looking to discover what your child wants to get out of seeing me.
With young children, I use a lot of activities such as drawing and simple pencil-and-paper activities to find out how they feel about themselves, their families, school, etc... and how they think the key people in their lives view them.

Older children and teenagers sometimes have more insight into their situations and may be able to engage in more conversation. But some find it hard to talk openly so they need help to express their feelings by other means, e.g. drawing, writing or completing questionnaires

What age-range do I work with?

I work with school-aged children, typically 7-16.

How many sessions will I need with your child?

After 3 sessions (or earlier) I should be able to give you a summary of ‘where things are at’ for your child and whether there are particular issues that need to be addressed. At this point I’ll let you know whether I feel I can help further or whether I need to refer you to someone more specialized in a particular area.

Contact me by phone (027 249 2817) or e-mail mvaughan@actrix.co.nz ... I’m happy to chat with you about your child.



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