Mangawhai Physiotherapy

About Us

Mangawhai Physiotherapy is owner operated by Clair who has 17 years’ experience working as a physiotherapist both in NZ and the UK. She moved north of Auckland in 2009.

Over the past 8 years Mangawhai has grown and so has the practice. There are now 2 clinics, one at the Heads and one at the Village.  Our team consists of 5 highly trained physiotherapists offering their specialist expertise, widely varied professional experience and a real passion for improving wellness in people.

How you help children

In a typical session, your child/caregiver will be asked to fill in a consent form and possibly an ACC form if that is needed.

The physiotherapist will then show you and your caregiver to the treatment room. Children will be thoroughly assessed which consists of a subjective examination – us asking you questions about the problem and how it happened and how it feels.

An objective assessment – us asking you to do specific things like hop/ jump / squat and then us performing tests on you to help us sort out what is happening.

The physiotherapist will then explain the problem to you in terms you can understand. And discuss with you a plan for treatment and exercises to help your problem.

Typically, you will need to be seen more than once, and usually we would review you within 7 days.

Physical environment

We have 2 clinics, one at the Heads and one at the Village.

The Heads clinic is a small building with 2 treatment rooms, there is ample parking outside and ramp access.

The Village clinic is a larger building, with 3 treatment rooms and a studio room which we use as a gym, fitted with exercise equipment. Once again there is ample parking and ramp access.

We can offer after school appointments for children, and the village clinic is located 500m from Mangawhai School.


We have a friendly, informal, relaxed atmosphere at both clinics, toys are available for children if needed. As our physiotherapists are all working mothers with young children, we are well practiced at dealing with children, talking to them, and behaving around them.

Parents are welcome to attend inside the clinic rooms at all times.

For more information check out our website or ring us on (09 431 4476) today to find out more.