Mairangi Bay Preschool

About Us

The Centre has one dedicated Centre owner who has recently (December 2015) come back to work as a teacher on the floor with the Over Two’s. She has appointed the Centre Manager Stephanie Duder (Since October 2013) for the day to day running of the centre.

We at Discoverys are proud to be a small centre catering for our wonderful families in our community. We have a total of 7 staff – 4 of which are fully qualified and registered. All staff has been working at the centre for over 3 years.

Each Child Is Unique…

Our Teaching is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and the four principle of Te Whariki guiding our practices on a daily basis. We acknowledge the importance of building responsive and reciprocal relationships with the children and their families.

The role of the teacher is that of the ‘facilitator’. We believe that reflective practice and professional development is of the up most importance in growing a fantastic teaching team.

We hold respect with the up most value therefore it underpins the very body and meaning of our philosophy. We view children as being unique in their own right and we believe our philosophy acknowledges this. We respect the importance of a bicultural and multicultural environment in day-to-day practice.

Our Aim

For children to be exposed to a variety of meaningful experiences in their time at the centre which will promote a love of learning. We endeavour to have children leaving the centre confident and capable learners, respectful to others and their environment and have positive self-image of themselves.

We also aim for the children to become great communicators who can express themselves well. We want the children to develop a sense of belonging with in the centre environment and feel comfortable to learn and explore at their own pace with support and guidance from the teachers.

What We Want YOU to Know

We know that our curriculum challenges, extends and engages our children and the families because they are happy at the centre and feel a sense of belonging. The children are inquisitive and want to learn more.

Every day, the teachers work alongside the children facilitate their play. Talking to them, playing, listening and spending time engaging and getting to know them. The projects and investigations that the children engage in are planned around the children’s emerging interests. The teachers spend a lot of time listening, observing, and planning based on these emerging interests. They discuss upon the reflections and interactions they have observed which in turn gives the teachers an opportunity to reflect and evaluate the children’s learning.

The children’s portfolios and learning journeys on Story Park provide a continuation of their learning journey and a forum where parents can comment on their children learning happening at the centre. They can even provide links between home and the wider community for us as well which often explains why the children have chosen a certain journey or path.

Feedback received from parents also tells us that their children are learning and developing all the time at the centre. Parents often relay discussions they have had with their children that have come from experiences they have had within the centre environment.

Through regular planning meetings and informal dialogue between the teaching teams:

  • The environment promotes positive engagement and trusting relationships with a careful balance of order and novelty.
  • Good relationships between the teachers, children and their parents and whanau is vital in creating a firm foundation for the children’s learning.
  • Parents are more than happy to contribute to the programme and enjoy spending time talking to the teaching team and within the centre environment.