Kate Walker Nutritionist
B.S.R. (Nutrition & Physical Activity) (AUT), Cert PT, MNZNF

Kate WalkerAn advocate for better health and well-being through good food and exercise, Kate has transformed the lives of hundreds of families across Auckland with her sensible and sustainable approach to nutrition.

Her skills as a nutritionist are well recognised having worked with the NZ National Heart Foundation providing research and support to establish healthy canteens in schools and Early Child Care Centres; and Plunket bringing awareness to how good food at home can make a big difference to children’s (and parents) behaviour.

Kate has also been called upon by the media (print and TV) to provide expert commentary of nutritional matters. With an extensive background in exercise prescription and high performance training, Kate is also able to offer advice and support beyond nutrition.

A range of services to suit your needs

Healthy nutrition in the home

Trying to figure out what food is best for your child and family can be confusing and frustrating, particularly if a family member’s diet is restricted by a medical condition, allergy or intolerance.

There is so much “noise” in the media about what we should and shouldn’t eat, together with confusing food labels that it’s no wonder parents feel lost when it comes to the daily task of eating well.

Kate provides education and support to parents to make the grocery shop easy and nutritious for the whole family – she even provides supermarket tours as an interactive and fun way to understand what you are really putting in your trolley.

Personal nutritional needs

Kate provides tailored nutritional plans to support children and adults with specific dietary needs, in particular:

  • Digestive Disorders and Medically required diets
  • Eating Disorders
  • Food Allergy & Intolerance
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management

She considers all aspects of your life, not just your diet as there are many reasons why habits or emotions surrounding food are formed. Where other professional help is required, Kate works in conjunction with other healthcare providers.

Kate’s easy step-by-step approach ensures that you never feel overwhelmed. She takes the guess work out of healthy eating – and there is no calorie counting! Food should be enjoyed!!

Exercise prescriptions

If you or your child wish to go further than just nutritional needs, Kate is also able to assist with exercise prescriptions and training for:

  • Muscle gain
  • Strength training
  • Physique toning and
  • Endurance training (e.g. cycle or marathon events)

What to expect

Kate prides herself on being friendly, approachable and non-judgmental. She wants every client to feel safe and secure and your confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

During the initial consultation Kate will discuss your child’s (or your) current lifestyle including diet and exercise habits and will find out what your goals are. Depending on circumstances, additional tests (e.g. blood tests) may be required.

The goal is to create a personalised plan which will achieve your goals while fitting in with your lifestyle. Resources to support your plan are provided and on-going support is available as required.

If you wish to know more about Kate’s ‘Healthy Nutrition in the Home Programme’ or how she can help you with specific nutritional needs, please call her on (09 973 4806) for a confidential chat