Life Community Services

About Us

Life Community Services is a not for profit educational family and community service. We have been going officially since 2009 (9yrs).

It started off a year or so before with a small group having an idea to create an educational focused family service.

Our founding CEO Jane Bisset headed up that idea which was to have a “super nanny” type support service based around empirically proven parenting programmes.

It was important that these programmes be free and easily accessed, along with being empowering so that people became skilled at managing their own lives and not service dependant.

The first few years were incredibly busy with gaining funding and delivering incredible years programmes, along with some programmes for children. The programmes Friends for life, fun friends and rock and water for children and youth have really developed over the last few years with increased referrals from agencies, schools, preschools, Doctors, CAT team, Oranga Tamariki. We collaborate with other agencies in the Waikato area, we have also worked with Red Cross, Migrant Resource Centre over the years and continue to do so where required. We are regularly contracted into schools to deliver programmes for children and youth.

At the end of 2014 Jane Bisset resigned her position as CEO to follow her dream of moving back to her home country of Scotland for a while. She was elected onto our board and continued to be a part of the governance board till February this year when she resigned.

Ray Stevens took on the role of running the service after Jane resigned and continues to do so today. She has been involved in the agency since 2010.

We have a staff of 5 at present who do an outstanding job; they are passionate and love what they do. We continue to deliver Incredible Years for parents. Our staff are fully accredited and qualified facilitators for the Parent programmes and continue to deliver a quality service to the Waikato area.

The team that deliver the children and youth programmes are fully trained in these programmes. We have a fully trained counsellor who has been working with children for over 30 years. Another team member was a teacher before coming to work for Life Community Services. The other 2 members of our team are trained in the programmes and come with great life experiences.

Children and Youth Services

We help children with skills to have confidence, to stay calm, building self-esteem, to make good choices and to change red thought patterns into green thought patterns. They also have more self-control and can think before acting. It also helps them improve their confidence and social skills.

These skills are gained through attending weekly sessions which are delivered during the school day for 1.5 hours one day a week for a term. They participant in games, activities, we have weekly prizes and provide morning or afternoon tea. Parents/Caregivers drop them off and then pick them up at the end of the session. We encourage parent/caregivers to come a few minutes early as the group like to share with parents/caregivers what has been learnt during that session. The facilitators are also in weekly contact with the parents/caregivers to talk through anything and just to check in regarding how things are progressing.

Physical environment

We are located in Frankton, Hamilton which is an area close to Dinsdale and CBD. We are in the same building as Farmlands and a couple of other businesses. We have the main programme room on the ground level which has a kitchen attached. Upstairs we have our staff offices along with 3 comfortable meeting rooms which can also be used for parents to sit in and wait while the programme is going. We have 2 visitor’s car parks available on site, this is before the main gates where our staff car parks are located down the side of the building. Extra parking is available on Norton road and the two side roads either side of the building. Please ask if you are not sure where to park.


We are friendly and respectful of everyone that comes into our service. We want everyone to feel welcome and count it a privilege to engage with anyone that wants to work with us. We are culturally sensitive and welcome support people to attend with whanau and family.

For an informal chat or to find out more about our Services, check out our website or give us a call.