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HelenHelen Heggie
Bachelor of Education, New Zealand Registered Teacher, Reading Recovery Trained, Learning Staircase Certificated Stage 2 (Dyslexia)

With 20+ years’ experience as a classroom teacher in New Zealand and England and over eight years working as a Supplementary Learning Support Teacher, I am offering the same high quality service and skills privately.

Your child can discover the joy of learning

My strengths lie in making a difference for learners with challenges and this is my passion. I hold a child’s best interests at heart and become an advocate for them if and where necessary. Children who have learning challenges know they have difficulties and as a result, frequently have low self-esteem and confidence around learning.

LearningThrough a relationship of sincere trust, I build your child’s self-belief in their ability to learn. I listen to and gather information from you, your child and school (if appropriate) and any other reports available.

After assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, I create a customised learning plan for your child. I am very patient and by working one to one with your child, I am able to work at the exact level (next step) they need to move forward. They will gain independence and ‘learn how to learn’.

Learning is mainly presented as games, which makes the activities fun and necessary repetitions enjoyable (especially if your child can beat me!) A willing learner is a successful learner.

Compassion & patience

Helen HeggieIn a nurturing, fun environment, I build up your child’s self-esteem and confidence, creating a positive impact in many different ways for your child, including improved behaviour, an increased motivation to learn and improved learning levels. You and your family will notice better relationships and a happier, more relaxed and independent child.

I am warm and approachable and believe in building open, positive relationships with you, your child and their teachers. Smiling and laughter promotes successful learning and all successes big and small are celebrated and shared with you.

I prefer to work in your child’s school environment but am also available to work with your child in my home in an office/learning room, which is warm and bright.

If you’d like to have a friendly chat, I’d love to help.